10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media Platforms

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media Platforms

Mobile apps have become an important asset for every business in terms of growth and development. The need for the apps is increasing day by day depending on the requirement of the people. There are millions of apps available in the play store and the number is increasing gradually with time. There are various applications in the play store that are of great importance but people are unaware of it. The reason behind their unawareness is that the marketing of those apps is not done properly. 

Developing an app for your business is not enough, you must have proper plans and strategies to promote it then and only it will be successful in the market. In today’s era, one of the best ways to make your app a big hit in the market is to promote it through social platforms. Nowadays most people spend more time on social platforms and this would be one key factor that people will come to know about your app through social platforms.

10 Creative Ways to Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media Platforms

Here Are the Top 10 Creative Ways That Will Help You to Maximize Your Mobile app marketing through Social Media platforms:

1) Marketing Your App on Facebook:

It is one of the prominent social media platforms that have millions of users. It will be the perfect platform for you to increase your app awareness among the people. You can create a page for your application where you can post photos, videos and descriptions about the application. In the post you can consider the following concepts:

You can also promote your app with the help of sponsored Facebook posts but for that, you will need to invest a little more. This little investment will surely help you to increase the number of downloads for the app. You can also send an invitation link to people in Facebook groups for downloading the application.

2) Start adding videos to your YouTube channel:

YouTube is also the best platform to let people know about your application. You can create your channel and post videos about your app. You can also attach the link of the uploaded video on your application website and your Facebook and Instagram profile. You can also share this link with the people through different social platforms to increase your brand awareness in the market. 

3) Instagram Marketing:

It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that has gained millions of users in a very short period. On Instagram, you will have two options to promote your app. One of them is to create a page where you can post photos, short clips about the functionalities of the app. The second one is to use the Instagram ads by investing some amount for instant promotion of the app.

4) Start Campaign on Twitter:

It is one of the most common platforms used by almost half of the population of the world. You can start a tweet campaign in which you enable deep links and this will allow the users to see a call to action button. This button will redirect the users to the play store for downloading the app.

5) Build a network on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is one of the biggest platforms to promote your app on a large scale as it has millions of users. There are two basic ways to promote your app on LinkedIn. One of them is going for paid promotions and the other one is to gather a large number of followers on your business page.

6) Start posting your ads on Snapchat:

Snapchat is one of the demanding apps these days with lots of features that urges users across the globe to fall for it. It is also the finest and economical way to promote your app with the help of ads coming in the snap stories. This will surely increase the number of downloads and brand visibility of your app.

7) Make use of Slack Groups:

It is one of the leading and demanding platforms these days which is used by various users across the world. On slack, you will be able to promote your app in two ways. One way is to join any community and the other one is to create your community for the advertisement of the app.

8) Write articles or blogs about your app on Medium:

Medium is one of the great platforms for promoting your app in the market. You can build your network here or follow any company or an individual. You can post a description of your app, its features and functionalities and post it. All the Medium users will be able to see your post which will be one of the best factors to promote your app.

9) Quora:

It is a well-known platform that allows users across the globe to share their knowledge. It is one of the simple and common platforms where you can easily promote your app among a large group of people. You just simply need to keep a watch on the topics that are similar to your app.


It is not the direct way to promote your app but you can use it as an indirect way for the promotion of the app. You can use subreddits to promote your app without getting banned.

While promoting your app on these social media platforms you need to keep some of the important things in your mind which are as follows:

  • Headlines are important
  • Use Hashtags
  • Leverage Social Influencers

Headlines are important:

You need to take proper care of the headlines while posting anything about your application because this will have a huge impact on the user’s mind about the app. Try to keep headlines more information so that it can grab the attention of the users.

Use Hashtags:

Make use of hashtags because it will help you to increase your brand visibility in the market. Keep hashtags responsive so that if any user clicks on those hashtags it must take the user to the application website.

Leverage Social Influencers:

When you are promoting your app on Social media platforms, you need to think something unique because this will be the best opportunity for you to connect with the social influencers.


We have provided you with the name of various leading social platforms that will surely prove to be very successful in promoting your app and help you to gain a large number of downloads for the app.

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