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India App Developers are the best website development company when one requires a PHP-enabled website that can run smoothly and has more to offer on performance as compared to others. We are a bunch of developers having proficiency in various fields such as Website development, Database handling, spreading the word of our clients application on social media and also developing payment gateways.

We, as a team pride in our self of the fact that we have retained all our clients since the inception of our organization more than 7 years ago.It is entirely due to the fulfilment of our promises with our clients and that too on time that we can today feel a bit pompous in this regards. The list of our clients is growing day by day as they feel there is no better solution than a PHP-website that loads in no time. Our developers make it even easier for the client to understand all the operations involved by creating a UI that even a novice may understand easily. At India App Developers, the team of PHP Developers, Database Managers, and Designers using various tools works together to get the website as desired by the clients.

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    Our Key Highlights

    Though we are experts in building PHP-enabled websites and webapps, there is a lot more we are known for, India App Developers are known for developing WebSites, Mobile Apps, Payment Gateways, and Social media Apps,. Clients turn over to us for the variety we offer while developing websites and webapps.

    We allow the client to have a full say right from the word go. The client finds this transparent mode of working on his app and returns to us time and again. The client is introduced to all the members of our development team when he places his trust in us. From that time onward he is regularly updated with the status of the app.

    PHP Development Company

    Power your business with PHP

    From complex enterprise demands to current business challenges, PHP (Either called Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page) is an exceptional programming language in your business. PHP is considered as one of the best options for building interactive and innovative web and mobile solutions. With its ability to support multiple platforms, PHP has helped many businesses with excel solutions.

    India App Developer is a company that is born out of innovation. We believe strong and cutting-edge PHP solutions for modern business challenges help businesses with lucrative results. Our app developers India team are masters in PHP, our master skills, help you to add that missing high-technology essence in your business.

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    PHP Web Development Services

    Our PHP Services Are Not Limited, We Are Here For Everything. Whether You Need Custom PHP Development, PHP Based CMS, E-Commerce Development, Corporate Websites, Portal Development, Mobile Applications, Or Any Individual Business Need- We Can Do It All.

    Enterprise Web App Development with PHP

    Its not the days of the apps that took hours to load. These days entrepreneurs do not have time to wait. Every second counts. Today the requirements of every client are lightweight apps that are good on performance, load quickly and deliver better results. One platform that fits all the needs of such clients is PHP. PHP started off as an offshoot of the C language but gained importance within a very short time as it supported C,PERL,CGi among others. This has made PHP the loved platform that it is today.

    API Development

    A multi-tiered, scalable application is an API built on PHP.PHP makes it possible to integrate databases and object relational mappings. The client's program gains additional ability owing to these APIs, which enable it to interface with numerous different systems. Using simple techniques, these APIs connect the PHP program to the web server.

    Developing IoT Apps

    We live in the world of devices and the Internet, and the devices connected with the Internet. Who thought of devices speaking back to you or making payments sitting at home without any cash. In this world there is hardly any platform that does not deliver IoT apps be it Ruby On Rails, WordPress,Angular or Laravel. Why not PHP then? PHP has a host of options that allow PHP apps to add the IoT functionality so you can switch on the AC remotely and find some fresh air to breathe in.

    Plugin and Portal Development

    PHP plugins are applications that are small, lightweight and use javascript,css , html along with PHP to deliver the required functionality. PHP Portals are apps developed using PHP that can make use of these plugins. A Plugin can be thought of as a class that inherits from another class and adds its own properties and methods to it to deliver better outputs.

    Shopping Cart Development

    Almost every B2B or B2C app has the desirable shopping cart feature. Retail customers can benefit from using such an app by making purchases, but businesses can also use it to trade, buy, and sell their items. Together, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even WordPress create the most exquisite shopping cart that users have ever seen.

    Custom App Development with PHP

    Clients require their apps to perform as fast as possible and have all the features they expect. For this our clients sit with us and mention their requests in the most simple possible ways. It is the duty of our developers to translate those requests into PHP based codes even if it requires using extra resources than the client has requested for. PHP allows using more resources at a far less cost as compared to other platforms.

    Benefits of PHP Development

    PHP is considered to be a robust platform for building feature-rich web solutions and database access, catering to client’s business needs intuitively. PHP is a great option for robust, secure, reliable web applications, websites for many reasons. If you are looking for a full-fledged service application, PHP is an absolute. Here are some good reasons for adopting PHP.

    Solutions We Deliver

    We Render Solutions That Are Rapid And Responsive, Coupling The Power Of Mature PHP To Build Scalable, Custom, And Secure Web And App Solutions.

    Food Hippo -Food Delivery System

    Food Hippo is the food ordering application that allows food lovers to explore different restaurants with live video streaming and pick the order at their convenience. The application is designed to take food ordering experience to the notch level.

    • Search Nearby Restaurants
    • Build your Franchises
    • Get list of your favorite restaurants

    Tipsy Deliveries

    Tipsy Deliveries is a beer delivery app that connects customers to the liquor store. Tipsy is a great application where users can place orders of their favourite beer and choose the appropriate time to pick up the order.

    • On demand Beer Delivery App
    • Popular Brands Beer
    • Connects Customers

    On-demand Delivery App

    SidAssist is a comprehensive modern age application designed with an aim to save the time of customers and create jobs for hardworking individuals. The application assists users in finding an assistant to deliver products from any retail stone directly at their doorsteps. Users can order from anywhere and from any retail store and get it delivered to doorsteps.

    • Grocery Pick Up
    • Drop Review
    • Share your experience

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    Our Rich Portfolio Justifies That, We Are One Of The Best PHP Development Company In India.

    Who We Work With

    India App Developer Serves Startups, Small Businesses, And Large Corporations. Our Clients Come From A Variety Of Industries, Including E-Commerce, Finance, Healthcare, Education, And More. Our Experienced Developers And Designers Work Closely With Clients To Understand Their Unique Needs And Provide Customized Solutions. We Deliver High-Quality, User-Friendly, And Scalable Mobile And Web Applications That Exceed Our Client’s Expectations. We Can Bring Your Vision To Life As A Developing Or Marketing Partner. Technology Helps Us Grow Our Clients’ Businesses And Achieve Their Goals. To Discuss Your Project And How We Can Help, Contact Us Today.

    Our Clients

    We Have Achieved Astonishing Business Solutions For Our Clients With Booming Technology. Our Clients’ Brands Shine With The Power Of PHP.

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    Why Choose India App Developer

    Why Choose India App Developer for PHP Development?

    Our State-Of-Art PHP Solutions Are Inclined To Surge Your Business Ahead Of Competitors And Add More Value To The Business. Our Forever Aim Is To Build Websites And Apps That Run Smoothly And Are Easy To Use Even By A Naive User. Adoption Of The Latest Framework And Technologies Empower Us To Deliver Projects Pertaining To Current Business Demands. Check Out Some Strength Of Our PHP Development Service.

    Insights and News

    Stay Updated With The Current Trends, Latest Tools And Technologies, And Industrial Concepts To Get An In-Depth Idea Of Your Project.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We Are Sure That As A Businessman, You Must Have Some Queries Regarding Our Development Process And These Queries Are Obvious. You Must Be Very Open Related To Your App Expectations Because An Unattended Confusion Can Create Problems. So, We Have Jotted Down A List Of Frequently Asked Questions To Solve Your Queries.

    PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is one of a kind scripting language that is used to create static and dynamic websites effectively. It is widely used because of its user-friendliness and versatility. PHP can be embedded into an HTML code to produce desired outputs with the utmost ease.

    PHP is an open-source easy-to-use language. There are many big companies using PHP for their website. Facebook, MailChimp, Wikipedia are a few companies using PHP.
    One of the most important characteristics of the PHP scripting language is its efficiency and speed. It is platform-independent, which means that it can be used in any operating system such as Windows, Linux, or Unix.
    The cost of a PHP website may range differently depending upon an individual’s requirement and the kind of output business or individual wants to achieve. PHP is a simple and easy scripting language that can be used by beginners also. This makes it very cost-effective if one wishes to learn it themselves.
    Many attributes lead to the popularity of PHP. One of many is that it is versatile and dynamic. Its open-source nature makes it very budget-friendly. The fact that it can be used to generate a website for any business establishment makes it very popular.
    We follow an agile software development methodology with a customer-oriented approach to have a better idea of client’s business requirements and expectations.
    India App Developer is a reliable software development company. We conduct testing on various platforms and resolve defects at the same time. We perform regression and Milestone based testing to ensure the quality of your product.
    Yes, we do sign long term contracts if you want to hire our dedicated and experienced developers for a long period in just USD$15/hour.

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