Top trending Programming Languages

11 Top Programming Languages booming the market in the year 2022

Digital world and marketing is acquiring business dependency of Millennial organization in the year 2022. People across the world are using Smartphones vigorously as they are enjoying surfing the internet. As a result, now is the time for business owners to strengthen their brand image by expanding their online presence. here in this article, we will mention the trending top 11 Programming Languages.

11 Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2022

Today’s cutting-edge competitive era of digitalization is leading world-renowned companies and enhancing brands to hire app developers India to elevate their digital presence.

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Let’s take a look at the programming trends that the majority of programmers and IT outsourcing organizations are adopting in 2022 before you start designing your app. Hire Dedicated Website developers India, as they provide a broad idea of the ideal programming language for your project.

Top Trending Programming Languages:

Most In-Demand Programming Languages
Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Several computer languages have fallen out of priotitize demand this year, while a slew of new platforms has emerged. This is, after all, conventional programming practice. Everything will continue to change, and adaptability will be your only option. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of this year’s top 11 programming languages trends world is seeking for:

1. Python: Most Trending Programming language

Python has gained popularity in recent years. Data scientists and analysts that work for software outsourcing companies often utilize this programming language. Software engineers, developers, development leaders, managers, engineers, system analysts, and web developers have all found it to be a valuable resource.

Python has a market share of 27.34 percent and is the most popular language for instructional queries on Google, according to the Popularity of Programming Language survey (PPL) . In the domains of data science and artificial intelligence, it is also a frequently used programming language.

2. Java:

Java is now rated second on the PPL (Popularity of Programming Languages) list for 2021-22, owing to its recent fall in popularity in comparison to other programming languages. Simultaneously, Java maintains its lead on TIOBE’s list of the most popular programming languages of the year.

Java is now faster than before, allowing developers to create feature-rich apps with fewer lines of code. Despite the fact that the most current version was released in 2014, the capabilities are still relevant and can help businesses to make their budget plans happy.

3. PHP:

PHP is a well-known programming language. Some believe PHP is on the brink of extinction. In terms of programming language trends, PHP, on the other hand, is still alive and thriving. With the most current version of PHP, things have changed. PHP used to be a basic tool for making a few dynamic web pages.

By inserting simple code between HTML components, you may improve the aesthetic of your website. It was easy enough for web developers to use while being slow enough for hard-core engineers to ignore.

It is now feasible to execute PHP code faster than ever before, utilizing Java’s Just-in-Time compiler technology. Hip-Hop Virtual Machine and PHP, for example, are now twice as fast as earlier versions. Despite losing 5.1 percent of its market share in the last five years, it remains one of the most popular languages utilized by IT outsourcing companies to create outstanding websites.

4. JavaScript: Most Preferred Web Programming language

JavaScript is the most popular programming language, according to Redmonk’s research. It is rising in prominence, with the recent release of Angular 4, the upcoming React fiber, the fast developing node.js, the feature-rich Node.js, and a slew of other frameworks and libraries, and large IT outsourcing companies are more eager than ever to learn it.

Additionally, adopting JavaScript MV* speeds up the development of complicated apps by requiring less lines of code and less time. These online applications will simply be transformed into cross-platform mobile apps using PhoneGap, Xamarin, and other technologies, enabling you to finish your project in one sitting. Because JavaScript is an older language that is already extensively used for web development.

5. Swift: Best Language for iOS App Development

Swift is the most recent trend in native iOS app development. Objective-C was used by iOS developers for a long time. Swift, on the other hand, has just eclipsed Objective-C as the most widely used programming language, and IT outsourcing companies are quickly adopting it.

Swift is far easier to learn than Objective-C, according to the vast majority of mobile app developers. Despite the fact that Swift will not be able to totally replace Objective-C, it is gaining a  lot of attention in 2022. The release of Swift 5, which contains a number of new developer-friendly features, guarantees the popularity of the language.

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6. R:

R has progressively gained popularity and has enhanced it’s demand as per the statistical data of the Redmonk’s list. This language  has gained it’s demand and credit from an inclining  number of statisticians, data scientists, data analysts, and other analytical types. Furthermore, the demand for R has increased year after year. Despite the fact that Python has surpassed R in popularity in related fields, it continues to be one of the top programming trends for 2022.

This is mostly due to the fact that the new approach has resulted in a drop in its GitHub rating. Unlike Python, which improved by three points on that axis, R fell five positions in the GitHub programming language rankings while improving by one spot on Stack Overflow. This little movement, on the other hand, shows nothing about R’s current or future performance. The language, like PHP, continues to be popular despite its decline.

7. Ruby on Rails (RoR):

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the best web programming language for creating high-performance web platforms. It is a funful programming language that helps programmers to enjoy their work. There are many benefits of Ruby on rails. Mostly RoR is used by well-known companies such as Hulu, Airbnb, and Basecamp to construct their websites.

Despite Ruby’s declining popularity, it is still used by IT outsourcing companies. The latest 5.0 version adds a host of new features and speeds up web application development dramatically.

8. Go:

As a result of the new ranking technique, Go increased four positions in our GitHub rating system, but not enough to catch up to Swift, which had already passed it. This is understandable, given that Go lacks the allure of iOS app development and isn’t widely regarded as a front-end and back-end language in the same way that Swift is.

A ranking of 15 in the top programming language trends for an infrastructure runtime is unusual, even if it has stayed stable. Undoubtedly, many IT outsourcing agencies have focused on this language, resulting in the introduction of new programming trends among programmers.

9. TypeScript:

Typescript programming language is an result-oriented programming language 

In the GitHub rankings, TypeScript has climbed faster than any other top-tier programming language trend. While its Stack Overflow rankings also increased, it was GitHub’s growth that propelled it into the Top 20. It’s possible that the important nature of Angular in TypeScript is one of the key reasons for the rapid development.

10. Kotlin:

It is an open-source programming language.Kotlin is becoming more popular with each passing day, and it has the ability to change programming standards.

A number of reasons have contributed to this. The main reason for this is because Kotlin is now an official language for Android App development. Google announced that Android app development will begin utilizing Kotlin at its annual developer conference, I/O 2019.

While Kotlin is compatible with Java on many levels, its ability to operate on the JVM and interact with intermix with Java code is essetial. It also has a growing number of supporters and offers fantastic tools. This is why this year, information technology outsourcing companies are implementing and focusing on this language.

11. Scala:

Scala is a general-purpose programming language that aims to be small and concise while addressing many of Java’s issues. It is intended to be compiled into Java bytecode before being run on a Java virtual machine. Scala, as its name suggests, is designed to grow in popularity as a top programming language as demand grows (Scala is a combination of scalable and language).

As a result, it is in high demand among IT outsourcing companies that are aware of Java’s flaws and want to replace it. Scala is also placed 11th on Redmonk’s list of the most popular programming languages, with its popularity growing year after year.


This is the popularity of programming languages as per the data for the year of 2022, you can now select and decide which one is suitable for your next Web or mobile application development project, and which ones are not. India app developer is an website development company India that can help you in digital transformation of your organization. If you are also in search of popular web and app development company India, get in touch with us today!


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