7 Steps to Create a Technology Startup Business Plan

7 Steps to Creat a Technology Startup Business Plan

Have an idea for a company but don’t know where to begin? First, consider establishing a business strategy! A thorough and detailed business plan enables you to comprehend your objectives, possibilities, and dangers, evaluate the market environment and get a wealth of insights for successfully launching your organization. Additionally, it might assist you in attracting investors.

If you have chosen to build a company, and Mobile App Development, you must first create a tech startup business plan. For a newly-created company idea, business planning is critical and vital. A predetermined strategy helps you distribute and minimize potential risks and get a competitive advantage. Threats trigger other crucial elements, such as time and financial resources. And if you are entering the market, these resources may cause you to lag far behind.

What is a Business Plan?

A tech startup business plan is a document that describes the concept of your technology firm, including critical financial and operational objectives and how you will achieve these objectives.

Specifically: It defines what you aim to achieve and how you propose to carry it out.

A typical business strategy will include the seven factors listed below:

  • Executive Synopsis
  • Business Description
  • Market Research Product or Service Description Management & Operational Structure
  • Marketing Plan Financial Plan

A tech business plan is a document that comprises a comprehensive explanation of the startup’s goals and the strategy for accomplishing them. Typically, a business plan includes marketing, financial, and operational processes.

Why Do you Require a Business Plan?

Before we get into the specific components of a business plan for a startup, let’s discuss why you need one.

What are the advantages of having a business plan?

It provides more clarity.

If you have a business plan, you will have a far better knowledge of your company and its goals. Even the most basic example of a business plan for a technology firm will strive to articulate your objectives in more objective terms.

You may, for instance, establish precise goals for website traffic, sales volumes, and profit margins. This simplifies tracking and measuring progress and links your decision-making with your marketing and sales efforts.

It increases the likelihood of success.

According to a survey from the Harvard Business Review, businesses with a business plan and Mobile App Development are 16 % more likely to succeed. Moreover, organizations with a business strategy see better growth rates than those without one.

You’re More Likely to Receive Investment

Angel investors and venture capitalists are not used to making poor wagers. When they part with substantial quantities of money, they carefully examine the chances of getting a favorable return on their investment (ROI). When you have a business strategy and a Mobile App Development, you offer your company a strategic focus, enabling you to develop a successful brand identity. When you have a business plan, investors will see your firm as a more attractive investment opportunity, making it simpler to obtain funds.

Advantages of developing a business strategy

Even though writing a business plan needs a significant amount of time and study, it is prudent to do so before beginning a venture. A business strategy helps you analyze chances realistically and gives other advantages that we will detail below.

Identify gaps in your business plan.

When creating a business strategy, you should do a SWOT analysis to determine your likelihood of success. To do a SWOT analysis, you must identify the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Consider that your company’s strengths and weaknesses are internal and controllable, but its opportunities and dangers are uncontrollable external elements.

After completing a SWOT analysis, you should pay particular attention to your vulnerabilities. By recognizing your weaknesses, you may change them into viable solutions for the success of your organization. 

Set objectives and checkpoints.

Defining short- and long-term objectives is one of the essential concepts behind developing a business plan since understanding these objectives enables you to see where your organization is headed. Milestones enable you to measure your progress toward your objectives. Establishing milestones is an intelligent step that allows you to adhere to your goal and avoid distractions along the road.

Once you have compiled a list of your objectives, you must choose a way to attain them. There are several possibilities from which to pick. You can, for example, sketch out a long but predictable course with few hazards and a short road filled with obstacles.

Consider as an example many possibilities for launching your MVP. You might choose a soft launch, which is the gradual introduction of your product to your target audience. When using a weak launch strategy, you introduce your product to a restricted number of people, get their input, and solve issues swiftly. Thus, we might describe a soft launch as a slow but predictable path to achieving one’s objectives.

On the other hand, a hard launch is a short and dangerous road since it involves introducing a new product to many individuals at once. It may generate instant cash, but if your product is flawed, it can also create many troubles.

After identifying two distinct routes to achieve your objectives, the path you pick is up to you.

Make data-driven choices

The preparation of a business strategy and Mobile App Development requires extensive study. To create a credible company strategy, you must thoroughly investigate marketing, finance, and management. You should also thoroughly examine your direct and indirect rivals to completely understand the market environment.  By acquiring knowledge of other market participants, you might discover their strengths and shortcomings in addition to your own. This allows you to identify your company’s unique value proposition (UVP) more precisely and distinguish yourself from the competitors. With this knowledge, your business plan is no longer only a proposal but a realistic depiction of your company, potential obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them.

Obtain a production management system

Possessing a company strategy makes it simpler to monitor your development. Since a business plan contains a map with milestones, you may use it to monitor your adherence to and achievement of objectives.

A business plan lets you determine if you are sticking to your budget and whether your organization is successful. In addition, it enables you to manage other financial factors, such as the salaries of your staff, pay increases, and your bonus system.

Utilize your strategy as a sales deck

After developing a business strategy, you may utilize it as the foundation for your pitch deck. Choose the most relevant material, and you will have a presentation prepared for your investors, business partners, or anybody you want to persuade to support your company concept. A persuasive presentation deck based on your business strategy might convince investors that your company is deserving of their support.

Seven stages on how to create a business plan for a tech startup

Writing a business plan for a digital firm takes more than a single day. It is a commitment you should maintain for at least a period. However, where should you begin? The following parts need consideration: Plan technical, plan executive, plan marketing, plan finances, plan personnel, etc. However, we are here to assist you with the template for a business plan for a technology company.

1.Start with the business description.

The company description will include the firm’s history, location, and the sort of business (industry, sector) it offers. In addition, it will describe the company’s management team, workers, and guiding values. What impact will this level of information technology startup business plan depth have on your company? It’s simple. Whoever is interested in your business will get a comprehensive picture of who you are and what you will provide to end-users. In other words, you must have a distinctive identity that is both instructive and memorable.

2.Proceed with a tech startup company model

When launching your business, you have likely considered where it may go. However, this idea must also be documented in the formal document. It would help if you established your company’s scaling strategy and commercial potential. Specify how you want to expand and what the numbers should be. Include financial factors, personnel, technology, and essentially anything that will be improved and should be increased by a factor of two.

3.Indicate how you want to attract attention in the marketplace.

Implementing an effective marketing plan is the only way to get everyone aware of your company. Here, you should assess your target population, perform surveys, research rivals, and develop a user profile. Use the SWOT model while studying competitors. Ensure you have incorporated all relevant information while creating your prospective buyer persona.

4.Consider the financial part of your company

Financially, it is essential to know what expenses will be incurred and what income will be generated. Therefore, while developing a business plan for a startup, the portion dealing with finances demands considerable work. Include a balance sheet, spending projections, revenue projections, cash flow projections, monetization strategy, additional pricing information, and a company sales plan.

What must be accomplished initially? The foundation of financial planning should be business planning. It should be a realistic and transparent portrayal. And most essential, make use of templates to facilitate this process.

5.Consider your prospective business team.

The leadership team should consist of partners that include the Chief Executive Officer, who will be accountable for the company’s primary procedures. Then, the firm should have a CTO – Chief Technology Officer – responsible for technology research and execution. Also required is a CMO – Chief marketing officer, responsible for engaging prospective consumers and ensuring their satisfaction with the product/service. Last but certainly not least is the CSM – Chief Sales Officer, who closes deals with prospective customers and offers your product/service. Among the leaders, you should consider the management team – project managers, developers, designers, and testers, as well as additional personnel based on your organization’s requirements. Scalability is required for future expansion.

6.Create an executive summary of your company strategy

The executive summary of a business plan for a software company should be produced last since it summarizes everything that has been specified and discussed before. It is organized in a way that makes it easy to read. With its assistance, you will capture the reader’s attention, reveal the truth, and explain your exit plan. Avoid superfluous language and too optimistic thoughts in this section. Be practical and demonstrate your ability to think and make decisions. Be inventive.

7.Add everything you would think helpful (appendix)

The appendix part of a business plan for a tech company often contains every extra statistic or infographic referenced in the business plan. Consequently, they may include graphs, tables, pictures, patents, trademark paperwork, credit histories, supplementary documents, market analyses, manufacturing plans, and operations. Essentially, any elements that your stakeholders may find appealing.

Prioritize your tech startup business plan.

It is not sufficient to have a fantastic startup concept. With a comprehensive business strategy, you will grasp your company’s potential and an opportunity to enter the chosen market. After creating a detailed business strategy, developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to attract your first consumers is essential.

Suppose you want to distinguish from the competition, acquire financing, and establish a successful firm that can produce genuine profits, growth, and client loyalty. In that case, you must have a comprehensive business plan for your digital startup.


Q. What should a business plan for a tech company include?

  • a management summary
  • items and services provided
  • specific market research
  • a marketing strategy
  • monetary planning
  • a budget
  • a team

Q.  What are some recommendations for drafting a business plan for a startup?

  • Start with the business description.
  • Proceed with a tech startup company model
  • Indicate how you want to attract attention in the marketplace.
  • Consider the financial part of your company
  • Consider your prospective business team.
  • Create an executive summary of your company strategy
  • Add everything you would think helpful (appendix)

Q.  What is a business strategy for a new software company?

A tech business plan is a document that comprises a comprehensive explanation of the startup’s goals and the strategy for accomplishing them.

Q. Should I develop a business strategy for my technology startup?

You are not required to write a business plan, but you may wish to since having a strategy has several advantages. A business plan may aid in identifying possibilities and dangers, analyzing the existing market condition, learning more about rivals, and attracting investors, among other things.

Q. What advantages does a company strategy offer?

Writing a business plan is a crucial step before beginning a new venture. With a comprehensive business strategy, one can:

  • Identify flaws in your company.
  • Set objectives and checkpoints.
  • Make data-driven choices
  • Obtain a production management system
  • Have a basis for developing a pitch deck

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