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Food is definitely our best friend, and when hunger strikes food is a genie to us. The idea behind developing Added is to let foodies enjoy their favourite food from their favourite restaurant. The interesting thing about the app Added is that foodies can order food from three different restaurants at a time.

Added has taken the convenience- the most justified reason for the success of food delivery apps to the next level. The app has various features and filters which allow them to order food dishes by category such as, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and so on. The app is available for all mobile and tablet devices of Android and iOS.

India App Developer Added

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India App Developer Added

Online Food Delivery

Like it is said: One can not think, sleep, love, or work well- if one does not dine well. Added is a perfect go-to app for ordering your favourite food from your favourite restaurant.

Food Delivery
India App Developer Added


  • The challenge was to manage three different orders from three different restaurants with accurate live tracking.
  • Developing an app with high-end features, user-friendliness, and live tracking at a time was somehow tough in the beginning.
  • The real problem was when certain situations take place like : users ordering three cuisines from three different restaurants, and one is not available out of three. Or only one is available and two will be available later, and so on.
  • Delivering a precise app with awesome design and outstanding performance needed to walk the extra mile in analysis and brainstorming.
  • Along with all the new features such as three orders from different restaurants, live tracking, accurate updates- the app should not compromise on the performance. Our team left no stone unturned in turning it to a big success.
India App Developer Added


  • Our excellent team overcame all the challenges swiftly with a planned strategy. We predefined the entire development process before beginning development.
  • We swiftly manage the challenge of tracking three orders from different restaurants by showcasing the appropriate message.
  • The app clearly displays which order is not currently available and which is available so that users can proceed to their other order either one or two.
  • The app also allows the user to check the status of the delivery person.
  • The final outcome was a fully functional app loaded with friendliest performance and experience.
India App Developer Added

Top Features of Added

Added is a fully-featured app making food ordering fast and convenient. The app has different features for users, admin, restaurant, and delivery person.

Top Features
India App Developer Added

Live Tracking

This feature allows users to track order from three different restaurants at a time. With this feature, the food ordering and scheduling get simpler.

The user will be able to track when their order is picked up, when the order delivery began, and when the delivery person reached for three different orders.
India App Developer Added

Order Customization

The order customization feature is implemented to simplify the complex ordering process of the food delivery app. The customization feature allows foodies to search for food dishes by different categories.

The user can click on the category and other customization. This will not waste their time browsing their favourite dishes.
India App Developer Added

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India App Developer Added

Trusted By People All Over the World

The application received enormous love from people as people got fruitful results from the app. The client received huge applause on the design, platform-independent, convenient food delivery app as the app made their complex ordering job fun and engaging with easy and secure online payment gateway.

India App Developer Added

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