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Best Health & Fitness Mobile Applications To Stay Healthy in 2021

The importance of health and fitness has faded away because of busy lifestyles. People try to use every minute of their day productively and precisely. With a drastic decrease in time taken for self-nourishment, there is an increase in mental illness and diseases. The golden rule for some health and fitness enthusiasts is to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. The health and fitness app development can help them in their journey to stay healthy and fit. These apps are created to keep the users confident, energized, and motivated. If you want to keep yourself fit, gain muscles, and look smarter, have a look at the list of Best Health and Fitness mobile apps for Android and Best Health and Fitness mobile apps for iOS and download one today.

1) MyFitnessPal

This app has been on number one for a while. MyFitnessPal has got nods from the top publishers for the endless capabilities it has. If you are looking for a health and fitness app that has it all, then this is the ideal app for you. It can record calorie intake, log exercise stats, help change the habits for meeting personal health objectives, and offer unmatched personalization for all its assets. By integrating over 50 devices and apps, it can help you reach your fitness goals quickly. It also has a big library of more than 350 strength and cardio sessions. It is a health and fitness app legend.

2) 8fit

8fit brings on-demand meal planning and workouts together. This health and fitness app can help create a customized program for your exercise and diet for the outcomes you want. This app is perfect for people who want lots of suggestions, guidance, instructions, and reminders. Just select a goal – get fitter, gain muscles, or lose weight, and make the goal more specific like reduce body fat in 3 months to 20%. 8fit considers many of your details when making a fitness plan. You will then get a real assessment of how simple or difficult it’d be to reach the goal. After you start with the plan, you can use this app to log in what you eat, workout using videos, and make meal plans with shopping lists and recipes. 

Best Health & Fitness Mobile Applications To Stay Healthy in 2021
Best Health & Fitness Mobile Applications To Stay Healthy in 2021

3) iCardio Workout Tracker

iCardio is one of the best fitness apps for iOS. If you want to lose weight, no other app is better than this one. You can choose different workout plans with this app. You also get other features like daily activity tracking, heart rate steps, calories, and steps. This app has an in-built GPS made to route to outdoor workouts. Its voice feedback option prompts noteworthy shifts during your workout. You will also get the chance to track your workout session history to analyze and compare your present workout data.

4) Sworkit

Sworkit is one of the best fitness apps for Android. It is a great companion to lead a healthier lifestyle even without going to the gym daily. The app has various workout plans to change your body. Its video workouts help in doing exercises properly and customize the length of the workouts. You can easily find different plans with this app to get fitter, stronger, and leaner. It is a favorite because of. Its flexible offerings: choose your goals from cardio, strength, stretching, and yoga, enter the time you have for working out, and the app will make a workout plan for you automatically. You will not get bored with its different workouts. You can also message the trainers of the app with specific concerns and questions.

5) Strava

Do you love biking or are training yourself for a marathon or a swimming competition? Strava can turn your mobile into a device that can help track all your activities and offer a performance report. Strava can record your routes, analyze your training, and map your preferred cycling trails. The app also offers monthly challenges so that you can push yourself more and happily compete with others. With Strava, you can get customized training plans by simply entering your fitness goals.

6) FitOn

This app has on-demand workouts that you can easily find depending on the time you have, the kind of workout you are ready to do, the intensity level you want, and more. The FitOn app also has a leader board that lets you compete with your group of friends or other members of the app. The video workouts along with a lot more are available for free on this app.

7) Home Workout

Home Workout is an everyday use workout app for both Android and iOS users. This app offers regular workouts for different muscle groups. This app plays an important role in muscle building without the help of gym equipment. Home Workout features exercises for arms, legs, abs, chest, and even full-body workout. It brings you to exercise plans that are designed by the experts. There are exercise routines that will fit in your everyday schedules. It can also maintain a thorough record of your training progress automatically.


These are our best picks for iOS and Android Health and Fitness apps to download and use for stay healthy in 2021. The health and fitness apps are ruling the markets. It is the right time to enter this industry and make some money with a health and fitness app. If you are looking for the best app development company in India that can help create an ideal app, contact – India App Developer. We have some of the Top app developers in India. You can also Hire dedicated Android app developers in India from us. Our experts can help you create one of the top health and fitness apps in the industry. It goes a lot into Health and Fitness mobile app development and we know it all.


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