Logo Design of BIDDA App


Color Pallete

Ultramarine Blue


Light Navy




Bright Green




Visby Round CF
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Multiple Categories & Services

The app is the most convenient way to get your routine job done easily. It is the best platform that provides a variety of categories and services on one platform. Individuals can explore an array of categories of services they want to access and get the work done hassle-free.


Profile Details

This feature of the app will show all the details of profile/job to the individual such as the price, available time, ratings, and so on. The user can book a particular job accordingly.


My Wallet

Bidda is strongly secure when it comes to payment. Users can add money in the Bidda wallet and pay for a particular job directly from their Bidda wallet.



One of the most interesting features of the app is preference. The app allows the user to choose a service provider for a particular job based on various preferences such as most popular, any, and favourite. So they can be completely satisfied with the booking.


All Screens

The Bidda saves your time and energy in searching for the local service. Bidda is a go-to app to get routine work done easier. Here is a glimpse of how Bidda looks.



Bidda is your all-time friendly neighbourhood your partner for connecting services with users and vice-versa. One of the best features of the app is that it allows service professionals to be service users.

24*7 Customer Service
Multiple Categories
Referral Invite
Wallet Payment

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Bidda has amazingly tapped the needs of the user to get anything within minutes. Refer your friends, make their job easy, and earn your referral code. The app proved to be a great platform which bridges the gap between the service providers and the users.

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