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Actively is an iOS app that allows people to connect and interact. The high-end swift, backend-Laravel technology makes the app easy to use. Find adventure at the palm of your hand. Learn new sports and explore the wilderness. Unleash your love for adventure and sports with the help of

We allow you to learn new sports and activities. Meet new people who share the same interests as you. Leave no adventure unattended with us.

India App Developer Actively

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India App Developer Actively


Actively lets you meet, interact, and learn new adventure sports. Your utmost desire to learn sports and interact with people of your local community is now fulfilled with Actively.

Beautiful Experience
India App Developer Actively


Our team worked extensively on the app to give you the best possible experience. However, we face some crucial challenges while developing the solution:
  • There are tones of activities and sports. The challenge that was faced by the team was to manage and choose the best sports listing. We left no stone unturned to bring the best sports listing.
  • Designing the Actively app that the user finds it appealing and easy to use was a challenge for our team. Joint efforts of the team to make the app stable and responsive were commendable.
  • The idea of the app to connect people who love sports and adventures. For this, the correct implementation of ideas and solutions was necessary so that the users can meet, interact, and go on adventures. Adding necessary features, revising the format and many other tasks were performed.
  • We knew people would love it and hence, managing the participant listing was quite a task.
  • We knew people would love it and hence, managing the participant listing was quite a task.
India App Developer Actively


We developed a hybrid (cross-platform) Mobile App solution against the challenges that we identified for a US-based customer. Android and iOS apps are successfully deployed to respective stores. Major features as per the challenges we have faced are:
  • Learn to bike ride. Find the pleasure of mountain climbing. Go for exploration. Give a chance to surfing. All with Actively. We allow you to have the opportunity to experience adventure at its best.
  • The app is perfect for a nemophilist, gallivanter, globe trotter, or basically for everyone who loves to go on adventures and meet new people around the world.
  • The UI of the app is extremely easy and user friendly. It eliminates all the confusion and lets you connect to the desired activity or people in ease of a click.
  • India App Developer made a hybrid mobile app solution keeping in mind the needs of the client.
  • New ideas and technology were implemented to give the best final output.
India App Developer Actively

Top Features of Actively App

The prime feature that Actively provides you is the chance to interact. An app with such new-age features allows you to have a different experience in the world of adventure and technology.

Top Features
India App Developer Actively

Profile Screen

This feature is just like the profile page present on any other social media platform. It showcases the profile picture and other details about the user.

You can visit profiles of fellow users on the app. Connect and interact with them and find the perfect companionship for your adventures.
India App Developer Actively

Chat Screen

The chat screen on the app is where people can connect. Talk about sports, outdoor activities, and plan to explore new places. Actively enables you with the power of the conversation with fellow adventure seekers.

Plan, prepare, learn, interact, enjoy the chat screen feature. Connecting with people who share the same interest as you, is true bliss. truly brings adventure to you!
India App Developer Actively

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India App Developer Actively


It is a holy grail app for people who crave adventure. It is perfect for people who love to be outdoors and wish to learn sports. This app is trusted by thousands of users around the world. Every feature in the app is thoughtfully added to make it even more helpful and easy.

India App Developer Actively

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