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About Food Hippo App

Food Hippo is the food ordering application that allows food lovers to explore different restaurants with live video streaming and pick the order at their convenience. The application is designed to take food ordering experience to the notch level.

Providing food from every famous food place near you with an option to live stream the kitchen and avail amazing discounts with promo codes and offers. Order food while chatting with your friends on social media. Make new friends accept or reject friend request, chat, and pick the order when it’s convenient for you.

India App DeveloperFood Hippo

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India App DeveloperFood Hippo

Food Hippo- Grab-n-go

Food Hippo not just delivers delicious food, it delivers you the utmost comfort. Choosing a particular time period to pick the order allows uses to order food from anywhere and pick when they are ready. No stress of waiting and contacting a delivery person, just go and grab it.

Food Hippo
India App DeveloperFood Hippo


  • There were many challenges while designing Food Hippo. One of the biggest challenges was implementing live streaming on both platforms, iOS and Android.
  • To ensure users can explore chefs cooking skills and see the kitchen hygiene live during the operational hours, we have gone in-depth research and analysis and combined our hardware, software, and networking skills to stream video straight from the restaurant.
  • The client’s expectation was that the user can pick the order as per their comfort and convenience. Our developers designed an algorithm that allows users to choose two pick options. Pick up now or pick up later (the time they decide).
  • One of the requirements was that the Admin panel and the UI must be designed perfectly with all the advanced features so that it is easy to maintain the admin panel as well as enhance user engagement.
  • Our developers brainstorm some queries and designed the app perfectly, the way the client and user expects.
  • Maintaining the optimality of the app was the necessity. With live streaming, social media, and restaurant browsing options, the performance or the speed of the app must not be compromised. Our developers have coded the write query and delivered a robust application.
India App DeveloperFood Hippo


  • Food Hippo meets foodies expectations more precisely and conveniently while ordering food online.
  • The live streaming feature of the app works seamlessly without affecting the performance of the app.
  • We came up with the right solution to increase user engagement and comfort by providing features that keep the interest of the customers high.
  • The distinctive feature of the application is an appealing design and user-friendly interface.
  • With minimum clicks, the user can get access to everything they are seeking for. The app solves the problems of the time-consuming ordering process and aesthetic feel of the performance.
India App DeveloperFood Hippo

Top Features of Food Hippo App

The solutions converted into features. Food Hippo is the best food ordering app with unique features developed using advanced technologies for people who love food.

Top Features
India App DeveloperFood Hippo

The power of live streaming!

The option of live streaming restaurants kitchen enhances the users’ experience of online food ordering. It will resolve all the stress of users such as how their food is prepared, what cooking hygiene do restaurants follow, and so on.

Live streaming makes it easier for customers to find a restaurant that provides quality food seamlessly.
India App DeveloperFood Hippo

Social Media

Social media is a vogue today. Food Hippo takes the user experience to notch level by bringing social media into a food ordering application. While ordering food, users can chat with their friends on social media platforms. They can accept/reject requests.

This feature will allow them to share their food interest, know more about food, and explore some more food places.
India App DeveloperFood Hippo

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India App DeveloperFood Hippo

Food Ordering App that satiates all your expectations

Food hippo is an idea converted into reality. With increasing food lovers and a busy schedule, this app fulfils all the expectations of the client and foodies. India App Developer came up with the right strategy and delivered a flawless application.

India App DeveloperFood Hippo

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