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Ukitchen is the modern food delivery app based on the idea of: “there is no sincere love than the love for food”. The app is not like other food delivery applications available in the market. Ukitchen is the food delivery app that makes food court ordering and picking easy by eliminating the long queues at the restaurants with superfast express ordering & delivering.

The app allows users to order food from anywhere may it be the workplace or theatres and pickup orders at their convenient time. Ukitchen is much more than a food ordering system.


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Food Court App

Conveniently order & pick up your favourite food from your favourite restaurant!

Food Court



  • The biggest challenge with Ukitchen was live streaming. The app demanded live streaming from various restaurants for both Android and iOS devices.
  • To complete the project, we had to develop a feature that allows users to choose any restaurant (from which they ordered food) to live stream the food that is being prepared in the kitchen.
  • Ukitchen aimed to make a food delivery app that engages customers in real-time with streaming and social media chat.
  • The app had to be really eye-catchy and fully-functional. Our team has endeavoured all the right efforts in making Ukitchen a flawless app with appealing UI, easy to use features, live streaming, and social media chat.



  • We have successfully implemented live streaming by connecting static IP with the live streaming website and live URL for Android and iOS.
  • Our developers have delivered custom live streaming of the restaurant for the routine restaurant hours.
  • The app has two modes of order pickup, selected time or pickup later. This allows the user to pick the order at their convenience, saving time and effort.
  • The app eliminates the hassle of finding and contacting the delivery guy, as users do not have to wait long for a delivery person to deliver the order.
  • The most attractive feature of UKitchen is social media which allows users to make friends by swipe left/right and chat with them in the app.


Top Features of UKitchen App

Ukitchen is the best food ordering application equipped with all unique features. The app is much more than ordering food from your favourite restaurant. Explore some wonderful features below:

Top Features


Live Streaming

The live streaming feature enhances the customer experience by allowing users to stream their favourite restaurant. The users have to just click on the video streaming tab to watch the restaurant kitchen. This feature will eliminate the stress of how the food is being prepared.

Also, the feature bridges a strong trust between the restaurants and the customers. Live streaming will ensure that a user knows about the quality and the procedure of making food.


Social Media

Social media is a vogue today. UKitchen has bought a significant change in food ordering app by implementing social media in the app. Isn’t it awesome?

This feature allows users to make friends on the food delivery app, accept/reject friend requests with a swipe right and swipe left, and chat. Users can see the details of individuals, their food interest, and much more. With social media card swipe feature, the app has taken user engagement to an unbiased level.


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Trusted by the people around world

UKitchen has gained immense love and applause for an amazing food ordering app. Built using the latest technology, the app has left no stone unturned in impressing users. With highly customized features, UKitchen has received huge applause for customer engagement.


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