On Demand Fuel Delivery App in UAE

How Much Cost to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App in UAE?

The use of mobile apps and smartphones has seen an increase recently like never before. As a result, many industries are moving towards the digital world to enhance their ROI, increase their number of clients, and reduce excessive costs. From food to clothes to fuel, now you can order everything online. Yes, the fuel industry also is shifting toward the digital world. Though it is a new concept, it is vital to consider investing into on-demand fuel delivery apps.

Under the on-demand fuel delivery concept, fuel gets s delivered to people where and when they want. So, the users don’t have to run to gas stations to get their vehicle tanks filled. This makes their everyday commute stress-free and hassle-free. It means gas supply is now made available with a mobile app at your doorsteps.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery App in UAE

While the on-demand fuel delivery idea look profitable due to effortless accessibility, it offers many benefits both for fuel service provides and the customers, like:

  1. High-Quality

The fuel at gas stations is stored for extremely long times. It can affect the fuel’s quality. But, when it comes to on-demand fuel delivery apps, when you place order, the fuel is regularly filtered and frequently delivered, ensuring high-quality.

  • Saves Efforts and Time

With the assistance of on-demand fuel delivery services, you can now get quick access to gas for your vehicle anywhere and at any time.

  • Low Maintenance Charges

On-demand gas delivery apps not just enhance the user experience, but that of gas service providers as well. This services helps offer them an escape from large investments initially, running and maintaining gas station and other connected financial and legal terms. As a result, they can earn more profits while making lower investments.

  • Help in Emergency Situations

Most on-demand gas delivery services offer users emergency roadside help, including fixing inflated tyres and delivering gas in faraway areas.

To get these benefits along with others, many startups have started entering the transportation fuel delivery industry. They have begun educating users on the profits and importance of getting the fuel delivered in real-time at their doorsteps. Thus, they have become successful in reaping the advantages of on-demand fuel delivery solutions.

Some of the top on-demand fuel delivery apps include:

  • WeFuel
  • Booster
  • Filld
  • eZFill
  • Yoshi

We can say that the fuel delivery business model has an extremely high potential and many service providers have already started taking benefit of this potential.

However, with the increasing competition, it’s vital for the gas delivery service companies to understand how can they succeed in this crowded market. One of the best ways for this is to find out which features you should introduce in the mobility solutions and study the current market for this.

Must-Have On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development Features:

To develop an on-demand fuel delivery app, you will have to look into two categories:

1. Customer Focused App Features:

  • Sign Up/ Login: the on-demand gas delivery app should have a simple and fast registration process. The customers should be given the option to login or sign u with their social media account or email address.
  • Pricing: Depending on the fuel quantity and type, the customers should be able to view and confirm their order’s total price.
  • Fuel Delivery Request: This is the most important aspect of an on-demand fuel delivery add. Customers should be able to select the fuel quantity and type along with customer location and schedule delivery.
  • Real-Time Tracking: This is another important feature that you should integrate in on-demand fuel delivery apps. This will help customers to keep a track of their request along with the name of the driver and their fuel truck on a map in real-time with ETA.
  • Payment Integration: Customers should be able to pay for their order with different modes of payments like credit/debit cards, wallet, and internet banking.
  • Push Notifications: Push Notifications help keep your customers informed about and engaged in the latest activities linked with the service that they had requested for. It also helps keep them updated with the latest discounts and offers.
  • Rating and Review: Customers can offer their ratings and reviews for their requested order.
  • Order History: Customers can view their past and present gas delivery orders and bills.
  • User Profile: Customers can maintain profiles under this feature including name, payment modes, address, and more.
  • Digital Receipts: On delivering the gas, the customers can get an invoice for their purchase on the registered email address.
  • Help and Support: Customers can reach out to the customer support team to quickly get their questions answered and queries resolved for their requests.
  • Referrals: Customers can encourage others to join the app.

2. Admin Focused Features:

  • Dashboard: This features lets the admin see different stats like total drivers, total fuel tankers, total customers.
  • Login: With this, the admin can log-in to app’s web panel.
  • Drivers: Admin can manage all the drivers and view their locations.
  • Fuel Tankers: Admin can update or add fuel tankers.
  • Fuel Pricing: Admin can change and manage the prices of different fuels.
  • Customers: Admin can manage customers.
  • Notifications: Admin can post different event notifications.
  • Order History: Admin can see the previous order history of customers along with their transactions.

How Much Cost to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App in UAE?

According to Top app development company in UAE, The on-demand Fuel delivery app development cost in UAE will depend on different factors like what features you wish to include in the gas delivery app when you wish to deploy it, and more. Other than that, some other factors like app platform, UX/UI experience, involved technologies, and testing also are important to consider. The on-demand fuel delivery solutions will cost you somewhere between $40000 and $60000.

You can get in touch with a reputable on-demand fuel delivery UAE company to find out the real cost and hire Top app developers UAE team for the best-class app development solutions.


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