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How to Hire Dedicated Developers For Fantasy Sports App Development?

It’s no surprise that most people across the globe love sports. Mobile is a part of their life, turns out they love playing online sports and making money. Thus fantasy sports have become a major attraction!

With the increase in popularity of cricket, football, badminton, basketball, etc., appreneur believe that fantasy sports is playing a core role in connecting users and real-life sports players. Without a doubt, in the last couple of years, fantasy sports app has gained huge traction across the globe.

So, to bang-on this opportunity in this competitive world, Fantasy sports app Development Company in India generally look to develop fantasy sports apps to stand tall in the competition.

However, to build fantasy sports app, entrepreneurs need to hire mobile app development company or hire dedicated developers who are expertise and well-versed in developing complex apps.

Thus, this blog addresses:-

  • Some of the things that you need to look for before hiring companies or developers
  • Why it is good to invest in a fantasy sports app?
  • What features can be included in it?

 Nevertheless, before that let’s start the blog with the basics:

What is a fantasy sports app?

According to Wikipedia, A fantasy sport (also known less commonly as rotisserie or roto) is a type of game, often played using the Internet, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams composed of proxies of real players of a professional sport.

In simple terms, Fantasy sports is an online game where the user creates their team to play and compete with other players in a virtual league. You earn the points based on the performance of the players in real-match. When you play for or against certain players and if the player plays well in real-time, you win the prize, money, or reward and if the player loses out in real-time, you may even lose the money.

However, creating fantasy sports apps is a complex process; you need experienced developers who can take care of minute details and resolve queries quickly during the development process. Let’s consider some of the factors that you need to look into before hiring.

Here, it goes below:

Set your budget and make sure developers fits in it

The foremost step before you hire a fantasy sports app developers in India is to fix the amount that you wish to spend on app development. You must focus on the company or developers that provide you proper value for the money. However, there is no fixed price for the app developer.

For instance:

Do you know how much Levis jeans would cost?

Do you know how many burgers would cost?

The answer is the same for both – it depends…

So, when you look for fantasy sports app development companies, you will come across the companies that work in standard pricing and some companies that work at a lower cost or higher cost. Thus, it is up to you to decide which you select for the fantasy sports app project.

  • Research, Scrutinize and List the companies

No matter what kind of app you are planning to develop, you need to conduct in-depth research about experienced fantasy sport app developers or companies to find the perfect match for your application. Look for the countries like the USA, UK, India, etc. search on networking websites with different key phrases for suitable results. To whomsoever you hire, it is advisable to do scrutinize the profile perfectly as at times in a hurry you may finalize the wrong developer which ultimately impacts the outcome.

  • Search for the experienced, skilled, reliable, and long-term team of developers:

When it comes to hiring mobile app developers, have a preference to select skilled and experienced teams over others. An experienced mobile app development company or mobile app developer is well acquainted with the issues that arise during the development process. Moreover, you must be ensured to hire developers for the long term as it is may take a long time for the app development process.

  • Focus on Quality: Quality should be your top priority as it matters ALWAYS. Sometimes we rigidly stick to the budget and ultimately the quality is suffered. At the time it happens, just abiding by the budget, companies don’t take care of complexities and may avoid integrating the essential features or functionalities that may help you to stand par at the competition. However, experienced mobile app professionals can provide you wireframe for your app before development, but it is good to slightly stretch the budget to include essential features and functionalities. Quality FIRST should be the sole goal for the client, companies, and developers.
  • Look at the portfolio of developers: When you hire, ask for the portfolio for the app developer so that you can get a rough idea of the working quality and standards of the company during the development. Additionally, you can get an idea of the quality of design skills, development capabilities from the previous projects. Other than that, from the past work, you can check out reviews and feedback which will clear your doubt about the time and money that you are going to spend on the development work.
  • Freelancer vs. Renowned Development Company; What to choose? Well, choosing one between freelancers or a certified company, depends on the project requirements, size, and complexity. If your app requires few modifications to the existing application, it is better to hire a freelancer and if you have to develop a mobile app from scratch, it is better to hire an experienced company that has certified experts, so that they can follow the right approach. If you hire a company, you can rest assured of the quality, design, and development and even get the desired outcome in a stipulated time frame. However, drawing down the conclusion between them is difficult as it all depends on your project.
  • Communicate with them

We all are aware that good communication is one of the keys to success. The more you communicate, the more both parties will be aware of the project requirements. If you communicate, you can know the whereabouts of development status, and even ask to complete the project in a stipulated time frame. Freelancers usually love to work at their time convenience, so be prepared to talk with them once a day as per the requirements. Whether you choose freelancers or companies, communicate effectively about your expectations for deadlines and your project requirements.

With the above-mentioned points, you must have got some of the things to look for before hiring app developers or web development companies

Why invest in a Fantasy Platform?

Developing a fantasy mobile app can increase your brand value, provides engagement, and leads to better ROI. There are several reasons to invest in fantasy sports app. Let’s see some of them:-

  • Less Competition: The idea of developing a fantasy sports app is quite new in the market. And on top of that, few companies are providing this segment; so investing in fantasy app development can be easy for you to start as there is not much competition. Moreover, you can increase your brand visibility and gain a loyal user-base quickly.
  • Cricket Calendar: The reason to invest in fantasy cricket app in 2021 is that the series of cricket tournaments like IPL, BigBash League, ICC World Cup, T20 world cup, etc. are already scheduled to play. The series itself is making profits in billions. Thus it is the best time to invest in a fantasy sports app and missing this opportunity is not a good business idea.
  • Huge Customer Base: Sports such as cricket, football, tennis, etc. have a huge fan base and countries like England, India, Australia, South Africa, Srilanka, etc. are major participants. With the huge target audience, you can get more downloads and high ROI. During these league matches, most people prefer to watch the game on their smartphones. So, having a mobile app enables to win rewards for both users and business owners. The right app marketing strategy and would help to take your business forward.
  • Partnership with major leagues: Looking for more user-engagement and an amazing gaming experience? Developing a fantasy sports app can help you to do so. It is efficient enough to attract the new client and it provides the best opportunity to build a relationship with the influential league which will boost brand image, increase visibility, and also customer base.
  • Love for Sports: Folks across the world love sports and when it comes to participating in it most of them can’t stop themselves. And when the series of a tournament is to be played, it results in more possibility for success with fantasy sports app development.

List of Top Fantasy Sports Apps:

  1. Dream 11: Dream11 app is popular amongst the users and has created a niche for itself in the industry. Whether you’re planning to play Kabaddi, cricket or football, or any other game, there are features for everything in the app. The players who are using this application would be able to win the prize amount regularly and legally.
  2. FanFight: The FanFight app is also one of the best fantasy sports application which runs on multiple platforms and has nearly 1 crore users.
  3. Ballebazi: This is a comparatively new sports application and offers less competition which ensures a high chance to win money, rewards, and points.
  4. HalaPlay: This is yet another one of popular fantasy sports app which provides Daily fantasy sport offers and provides a platform for users to play Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, etc. Apart from helping to win money and rewards, it has an appealing user-interface that makes the users addicted and thrilled.

Core Features of Fantasy Cricket App Development:

For registered users

  • Login
  • Profile setting
  • Viewing player statistics
  • Payment Mode
  • Create League
  • Join League
  • Invite and Earn
  • Creating a team page
  • My Winning
  • Instant Cash Withdrawal

For Website or App admin

  • Admin Login
  • Manage points and results
  • Fantasy points management
  • Notification and request management
  • Payment and transaction management
  • Manage leagues and player assignments
  • Viewing users payment transaction with history

Wrapping it up

Fantasy sports is growing leaps and bounds and there is no sign of stopping it. Developing the fantasy app is something that every appreneurs must think about it as it can help to increase your visibility and help to earn high revenue in some period. You just need a fantasy sports app development company or developers who can develop a feature-rich app or website.

We hope this post provides enough details to hire dedicated fantasy sports app developers India for develop the best-class mobile application. If you’re planning to develop an app like Dream11, Feel free to get in touch with the best app development company to start your project in a hassle-free manner.


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