Mobile Applications Trends

Mobile Application Trends That You Need To Watch Out For In 2020

Nowadays, mobile phones are devices that have become a part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones. Along with these phones, mobile phone applications are also introduced that have seen a great deal of development in the past couple of years. There are various enterprise app development companies around the world working on several app development trends.

There is always something new found by the developers that take technological development to the next level. The trends keep on changing every year and are the building blocks for many startups as well as businesses. In order to offer you some information about the same, we have mentioned some of the great technological trends related to mobile application development that you need to watch out for in the upcoming year. It will not only help to grow your business but also will provide you ideas about how to make it reach customers.

5G Technology

We do not know about flying cars, but 5G technology is right here in the market with us. This technology will make sure that you will have the internet faster than ever. The 5G technology will be able to provide you the internet speed that is more than a hundred times faster than the 4G networks we are using today. That is why 5G is said to be at the top of the app development trend in 2020. The applications that presently consume up to five to ten minutes for completing the downloading and installation process will then hardly take seconds. You will no longer have to experience any kind of lag in playing the online games, all because of the 5G technology. It will eliminate the latency problem forever.

Mobile Applications Trends that you need to watch out for in 2020
Mobile Application Trends

App development is already considering the 5G technology in order to boost up the performance of the applications. The phone supporting 5G technology has already been launched in the market. This technology will also end up increasing the security of the data and will support augmented reality in a better manner, along with providing opportunities for 3D gaming. The speed of the 5G network was recorded to be one terabit per second in the test environment.

In a normal environment, the 5G network is going to offer you the speed of at least 50 Gps. The speed will go higher in many case scenarios. Whereas the fastest 4G network in the world in Norway and Iceland works at a speed of 65 Mbps and everywhere else, it is available at 20 Mbps. The 3G networks that we used to use earlier are only meant to offer the highest speed of 2 Mbps. 5G technology is going to change the world and will take us on the journey of technological developments.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

If given a choice, what will you go for a Virtual reality application or a normal one? Obviously, most of the people will root for VR applications. The count of mobile applications using virtual reality and augmented reality has been increasing drastically. Now, these applications are not only limited to gaming or entertainment applications. There are various businesses that are using these technologies in real-life based applications.

The market is full of applications that you can easily use. The revenues generated by some of the famous AR and VR applications have crossed the records. The number of users is large for these sorts of applications. Many famous brands are shifting to these technologies and are working on improving and optimizing the user experience. VR technology is still in the infancy phase. But there are a lot of people shifting towards it. It is sure that in the coming years, VR technology is going to change the market forever.

The VR devices are right now expensive, but there are companies that are planning to launch cheaper yet efficient devices. Many gaming, as well as other industries, are also adapting to the new virtue of AR and VR related technologies. These applications made with these technologies are more interactive with the customers and can surely help the company earn a lot of profit.

Instant mobile phone applications

The instant applications are a lot faster than the instant noodles but are not the whole deal. It is like a trailer of the original application and will provide you an idea about what the application will look like and feel like. The instant applications are comparatively smaller in size but still will be able to show the basic functionalities of the original application. All this is being offered to you without even having to download the application. Most of us wonder about the reason why the instant applications are to be downloaded.

One of the major benefits that people get with the use of instant applications is that you are easily provided with the demo of the original one. It makes extremely easy for the user to come upon a decision about whether they want to download the application or not and what it is like. The companies have experienced that instant applications have made their way into the audience and have ended up increasing user interaction. It is a better way of reaching out to the people and to convince them that the application is worth downloading and using.

This invention is a win-win situation for everyone. It is seen that some of the applications are too heavy or large in size to be downloaded, and the phone does not always have the required space. That is why using the instant applications will let you know about the functionality of these applications. That leaves no need to download the application just because you will be using it one time. You can easily use the application without the need to actually install it. Markets are going to experience the tsunami of the instant applications in the coming time. A huge number of application development companies are already playing with the cool features in the instant applications.

Internet of Things

The internet is more than just a word. This technology is known to improve the way of our life and also helps us in connecting with the world. IoT simply means that your printer will be automatically able to place an order for the ink cartridges when it is about to run out of ink, or also, your oven will automatically be able to adjust and set the temperature to cook or bake the items to perfection. It surely sounds amazing. A lot of researchers are right now working on this technology and finding out greater applications that can be brought to implementation.

The App developers are using the kind of technology that can be used for the creation of platforms that are both interactive as well as intuitive. This technology allows you to control the devices and some of the other equipment as well, with the help of some of the applications. Almost every huge IT company has begun to start investing, and working towards the development of IoT enables devices and applications. It is estimated that the growth of IoT technologic will rise exponentially by the year 2020. The market is huge for applications that are IoT enables, and it can surely bring wonders for people.

There are already devices that make it possible for the applications to control some of your home appliances and even vehicles in some cases. These devices are already starting to make everything a lot smarter than they used to be. It has been found out in many pieces of research that the cars that will be launched now will be able to connect to smartphones. Indeed the number of devices being connected to the applications is growing recently, and it will go on to grow in the coming times as well.


The blockchain technology is believed to be just about cryptocurrency and jargon. But in reality, it is far more than what we think of. The blockchain technology has started to care for its way into the mobile application development field in recent times. To be precise, the technology simply is a database that is decentralized. It enables the chain of blocks to exist on more than a single computer simultaneously.

The blocks are meant to grow instantly as soon as any new data has been entered into the database. The whole database is updated, and everyone using it gets a copy of it with the applied changes. The technology is very advanced and will also protect the authenticity of the data. The techniques used in it make it almost impossible to forge the data, spoil it, or enter some fake documents. In case if someone has committed this kind of mistake, then it can be easily traced. Most of the e-wallets and online ledgers that exist today are based on this very technology.

The blockchain-powered applications make bliss for all the people who make online payments on a regular basis. These kinds of applications are amazing and offer you security and satisfaction for sure. There are many great companies that are working on creating solutions with the help of the blockchain. They are working continuously for offering the blockchain-powered services that enable end to end encryption. The first addition of blockchain technologies to some payment applications enabled people to make international payments that can easily be processed under a day.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is believed to be the parent of a huge number of booming technologies that are present nowadays. All the movies that have AI enable robots and other technologies are no longer fiction or fantasy. The recent breakthroughs that have been made in this field are making it possible to boost up the AI development and other technologies as well. There are a huge number of companies present that are integrating their businesses with the new AI technology only for the improvement of customer experience.

Also, the customers prefer to use the application that has some AI integrated into for making the functions a lot simpler than it used to be. There are many famous applications that are providing personalized services to the customers only because of integrating AI to the application that is being provided to the customers. Even the enterprise app development companies are increasing the use of artificial intelligence in order to find out exactly what would benefit the business so that they can figure out the newer domains to work in. Unlike most of the technologies, AI is not at all expensive, and it also does not need any kind of external device to function properly. It is extremely cheap to integrate the AI part with the applications.

Also, excellent results are guaranteed for sure. This is one of the main reasons why most of the small and big companies are encouraging the use of AI in their applications. The AI culture is being adapted quite quickly by the people. Obviously, if you do not want to feel left out from the rest of the world, it is probably the right time to get along and start with the AI applications. There is way more content available on the same than you expect.


Both the large companies and consumers highly depend on the mobile application, especially in today’s digital world. There are more mobile applications present in the internet world right now than you can probably have a count of. All of the companies have been adapting to changing trends that are being made in mobile app development. But we can clearly understand that you, as a business in the market, can feel it extremely hard to identify which trends need to follow.

You can always reach out to the internet or some experts in case you feel any such kind of confusion. 2020 is going to be a landmark in technological development. There are going to be really amazing tech trends that we might not even know of right now.


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