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Tipsy Deliveries is a beer delivery app that connects customers to the liquor store. Tipsy is a great application where users can place orders of their favourite beer and choose the appropriate time to pick up the order.

Tipsy Delivers make a user’s job easy. Users’ can browse varieties of beer brands on their fingertips using various filters and discover their new beer taste with beer delivery app. What makes this liquor delivery app stand out is, people can get rid of delivery charges by picking items from the store and also save time.

India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

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India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

Complete Beer Store

Connect with the Store Manager- Order, Grab & GO!

Tipsy Deliveries is a go-to application for all the zythophiles. Users can explore various brands and shop the top local liquor without any additional charges. This alcohol delivery app lets the user filter the price of the liquor, use amazing promo codes to get additional discounts and pay as per the preference.

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India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries


Developing Tipsy Deliveries was amazing with a superior team who turned every challenge swiftly and creatively. Here are some major challenges we overcame:
  • Getting the current location of the users so they can browse the liquor store near their city, street, etc.
  • Managing multiple orders and showing live location.
  • Showing all the beer shops and all the beer brands to customers as per their geographical location.
  • Developing, a live chat feature, which allows customers to connect to a store manager directly.
India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries


We developed a hybrid (cross-platform) Mobile App solution against the challenges that we identified for a US-based customer. Android and iOS apps are successfully deployed to respective stores. Major features as per the challenges we have faced are:
  • We developed an application that included a variety of out-of-box features.
  • We developed both iOS and Android applications and successfully launched the application to respective Store following all the Play Store and Apple Store guidelines.
  • The offered functionality boosted business, including customers ability to browse beer brands and order easily.
  • With the app, users’ can check the past ordering history and keep track of past orders. The app also allows a user to reorder from past orders.
  • Also, the app is highly beneficial to the liquor owner. They can keep track of newly arrived stock, update their stock, and accept orders.
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India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

Top Features of Tipsy Deliveries

Tippsy Deliveries is a fully-featured beer ordering app developed using modern technologies. It has all the advanced features that enhance the user experience like never before.

Top Features of Tipsy Deliveries
Top Features
Top Features of Tipsy Deliveries App
India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

Feed Post

In this, users’ can browse the feed and find out different brands of beer they can order. The Feed Post of the app is just like the Instagram feed post, where the user can see varied posts posted by individuals.

Name of the beer and price of the beer are two basic details that the user can see on the feed post. Further, they can read more about a specific beer brand.
Tipsy Deliveries App Development
India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries


To make communication easy between customers and shop managers, we have implemented the chat feature in the app.

Users facing any trouble with the stock availability, price, or pick up time can directly communicate with the store manager in order to pick the beer without any trouble.
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India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

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India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

Trusted by the people around world

Tipsy Deliveries let beer lovers shop the biggest selection of beer with amazing discounts. Find the store near you, reserve your bottle, and schedule your pickup. Skip delivery charges and waiting time, order it anywhere, anytime. Our privilege client received a huge love and appreciation from customers for our simple and go-to application. Tipsy makes you sip the best beer!

India App Developer Tipsy Deliveries

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