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The app is designed for dog lovers to meet like-minded people for the perfect first and many more dates. Dog lovers are a special breed; if you are looking for dog-friendly friends in your area, Doggy Date gives you a pool of options to explore.

This Tinder-like dating app for dog lovers allows owners to share the profile of their dog to people who love to see. If you enjoy your furry friend’s companionship and want to meet someone special who enjoys the same, this dog-friendly app is the best way to connect.

India App Developer Doggydate

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India App Developer Doggydate

Amazing Dating Experience

Happiness is lick, laugh, wagging tail! The wonderful thing about the dog lover dating app is that people who love dog eternally can meet in real life, make new furry friends and let their furry friend meet a new friend.

Dating Experience
India App Developer Doggydate


Nothing comes easy. There are challenges to everything you do and which takes you to bizarre experiences. Here are a few challenges we faced while designing the Doggy Date.:
  • The idea behind the app was to make dog lovers dating app a real-time app. For this, we brainstorm ideas to implement the best features that can enhance the user experience like never before. Our team had to walk the extra mile to combine interesting features using the appropriate technology for iOS and Android.
  • Designing a doggy date was quite challenging with making a dating app user-friendly with numerous advanced features.
  • The app had to be an icebreaker for people to connect/ love/meet. The client wanted the app to be friendly, easy to use, and yet sophisticated.
  • In the beginning, the team had numerous challenges implementing swipe right/swipe left features. The feature had to be with all the aspects of the dog. We had to dive in the deep research to ensure people do not miss a chance to make new friends.
  • Another biggest challenge was feed posts. Doggy Date is much more than a dating app. It also has a social media feature like a feed post where users can post their dog images or videos and share it with other users. We had to make a real-time, next-gen dating app for dog lovers.
  • The app must show the accurate location of the individuals so that users nearby the same location can meet easily. The location details were to be displayed in the profile details so users can easily communicate./li>
  • We have fruitfully implemented all the features using the advanced technology and delivered an awesome app for Android and iOS.
India App Developer Doggydate


  • We opened the doors for dog lovers to browse and share details of the dogs and meet them in real life.
  • India App Developer developed a hybrid application to meet the challenges faced by the US-based customers.
  • The swipe feature was implemented absolutely perfectly as the way it was requested by our client. Also, it was very much necessary to implement this correctly so that the users can find the right matches according to their interest and geographical location.
  • The app is developed using the latest technology followed by multiple test cases, so it runs smoothly and leaves no stone unturned in impressing users with its performance and UI.
  • Every feature of the app has the potential to make the unique dating app amazing for life.
  • We implemented a “trending this week” tab where users can learn about the latest events and respond to the events.
  • We have successfully launched Android and iOS apps on the respective platforms under all the guidelines to ensure our users do not face any trouble.
India App Developer Doggydate

Top Features of Doggy Date App

Doggy Date is not just a dating app, but it’s a new way to connect. The app is fully-featured with advanced features- pretty simple to use. Swipe right and swipe left, share photos and find a partner. Isn’t it cool?

Top Features
India App Developer Doggydate

Feed Post

The feature is like an Instagram and Facebook feed post where users can share the photos and videos of their furry friend and share them with their friends.

Users can react to the post. It will allow users to meet new furry and know about different breeds of the dog and also meet them.
India App Developer Doggydate


The other great feature of the Doggy Date is the chat. The app offers a free chat option so you can start talking to someone once you swipe right.

Users can send emojis and personally share your dog’s details with someone.
India App Developer Doggydate

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India App Developer Doggydate

The App loved by people around the world!

Doggy Date is loved by the users around the world, for its effective and simple way to connect to like-minded people. You and your pup can easily connect with new friends. The eye-catchy UI has taken an app to an unbeatable level.

India App Developer Doggydate

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