App Developers India 2020

Top App Developers in India 2020

Smartphones have become a requirement nowadays and not a luxury item. All our daily tasks have switched over to mobile devices from previous existing technologies. Android and iOS are the two major players in this field. The upper class prefers using iOS phones while others go for various varieties of the Android O/S. Today, if you are on the search for some of the top app developers in India who have been both successful and reputed, then the task is a bit challenging, as there are many. One reason you might like to hire Indian app developers is the low rate of development they are charging for. The area of mobile app creation is very broad and extensive as many skilled professionals hide behind these wonderful websites and apps. Indian businesses are today searching for such talents and mobile app development companies in India that can generate a wide user base for their products. It was the web earlier, but the wide range and availability of mobile devices at any location made the users shift their base from the web to mobile applications. Several mobile app development companies in India have been around for a long time, and by following high standards, they have produced some very good mobile apps. The right type of mobile apps will increase your user base exponentially, and increase your ROI. The online business world is huge, so is the type of application that you can launch to generate greater revenue. Based on criteria such as customer reviews, research work and statistics we’ve gathered from various sources, here’s a list of some of India’s best Indian app development firms.

Top App Developers in India 2020
Top App Developers in India 2020

01. India App Developer :

India App Developer is well-known because of its wonderful services in mobile app, website development for every kind of platforms. With its years of experience, we can deal with any kind of app related issues to make your business unique from the crowd. Its professionals have an experience-rich portfolio which make it easy for them to understand the product requirements according to the market demand. If you have any app requirements or want to give a new direction to your business ideas or dreams in India then Indiaappdeveloper is your solution. The best app developers in India are giving their services in this company to satisfy their customers. 

02. Hyperlink InfoSystem :

Hyperlink InfoSystem is known for creating the most innovative and eye-catching apps and websites for smartphones. They’re providing a wide range of custom Android, iOS, and Windows app development services, website development, AR-VR development, game development, blockchain development, and more. They help to make any business grow with services and goods provided by their professional team. Some top brands also feature in their portfolio. Their experienced professionals can help you with the organization’s specific needs and tailor the apps as such to achieve the maximum return on investment.

03. PixelCrayons :

PixelCrayons has customers in 24 + countries with over 120 + Android App Development Services. They have also built a team in the development of Android apps that analyzes the expectations of their customers and finds the right answers to their needs. They serve a lot of small businesses and start-ups while promising a 100 percent money back guarantee to customers in case the customer is not pleased. As such, they have an ever-increasing client base of more than 4800 + clients They also have 11500 + projects of 450 + full-time employees that have been successfully completed to date. More than 4.5M+ project hours have been invested by the company in their development work.

04. Softway :

Softway has a dedicated team of engineers with outstanding expertise and unrivaled skillsets. They are experts in the creation of top-of-line mobile apps that help you click with your clients and increase profits. They are also well equipped with all of the latest technologies and features needed to create a powerful and suitable mobile application. The company will enable your consumers to connect with your brand quickly and to give them a great user experience. They are the leaders in creating a highly functional mobile app with a rich portfolio that features thousands of customer-satisfied apps. A well-designed app that is integrated with a user-centric interface will make your work much simpler. Softway programmers also aim to fulfill their customers ‘ expectations with the efforts they put in.

05. iMobdev :

iMobdev is another reputable company that excels in mobile app development. They have a strong global customer base spread around the world. They have also acquired an all-encompassing background with an ongoing experience of 7 + years in mobile app growth for various sectors, such as business, healthcare, finance, real estate, education, leisure, gaming and many others. They are pioneers in transforming your inventions into a great application and giving your customers a great experience by making use of their state of the art creation.

06. OpenXcell :

OpenXcell is an expert in delivering high-performance and robust mobile business apps in Android. With over half a decade of experience and one of today’s most popular app development organizations, they can be recognized as the industry’s leaders. To become a successful offshore development company, they recruit the best, most competent and most tech-savvy mobile app developers. These developers are qualified to meet the project requirements with a team of over 100 dedicated developers, designers and creative engineers, both on technological standards and on human capital. They offer various services in this field that are offered by OpenXcell include App Strategy, App Design, App Development, Support & Maintenance, App Marketing, and App Porting.

07. ClickLabs :

ClickLabs is one of the top companies that can be contacted for the creation of on demand mobile apps. To build your dream app from scratch according to your business needs, their programmers have acquired tremendous experience and knowledge. A fully customizable solution tailored to your business needs would provide you with a large customer base. They also provide creative analytical tools to maintain good relations with customers and optimize the product.

08. Lochbridge :

Lochbridge is an organization that has driven mobile innovation for many years. In finding new business opportunities, they’ve helped numerous customers achieve their goals and maximize income diversity. It also has a strong presence in various sectors, including Automotive, Finance and Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public and Other.

09. EngineerBabu :

EngineerBabu is a company that is digitally born and is based in the heart of the country. With a trusted team of 65 creative in-house designers and developers from top colleges with a retention rate of 97 per cent, they have served more than 10 million users worldwide since their inception in 2014. Their projects are out of the box and will stay on the market for the long term. This is one of the reasons why in Premier Design Awards they received five Most Innovative Technology Awards. Over the years, EngineerBabu has partnered with over 100 non-tech entrepreneurs and inspired a large number of startups. The company provides back-end support to big banks such as Yes Bank and ICICI Bank. The latest on this list has been Swiggy – the food delivery app.

10. Mindtree :

Mindtree has created more than 1000 of its best Android devices. In that experienced sense, they are superior. It is one of the most successful companies in the production of Android apps. The steady growth of this business since 1999 has been truly amazing. Mindtree is the best Android app development company to develop web and mobile applications, operating on platforms such as iOS and Android. The type of apps they develop, the prices, delivery times and their customer relationships are truly great.

11. ValueCoders :

ValueCoders as a mobile application development company provides unrivaled full-stack mobile application development services to a wide range of industry verticals worldwide and helps them improve their market presence, growth and ROI. ValueCoders build both Native and Hybrid Applications. Native apps are popular in the mobile industry, as they can take advantage of the built-in features of the particular operating system and operate quickly and smoothly at the same time. Many companies prefer hybrid apps because they can work with a variety of mobile platforms such as iOS, Android etc. using the same framework. ValueCoders have customers over 1800 who are satisfied and their consumer satisfaction rating is 96 per cent.

Let’s Wind Up

All the companies listed above have created business-growing applications for years and equipped them with the latest technology trends. Organizations based in India now don’t need to look outside or out of their own country when it comes to developing apps that draw the consumer to the products offered. In India itself, there are now a number of app-development companies that can fulfill this business world’s desire. This development trend within India can now only progress in a forward direction.


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