What to Expect from AI Enabled Mobile Apps?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is doing the rounds these days in almost every sphere of life. We may or may not happen to notice it, it is there. Artificial Intelligence is as old as the story of Frankenstein. However, the concept did not gain importance and become familiar until the late 1990s when it began to be used for various purposes in the fields of medicine, logistics, data mining etc. This change came due to its intense computational power to solve problems. It was further popularized by IBM when IBM backed intelligence system Watson beat the reigning champions of a quiz show titled Jeopardy. Companies like IBM and Google started incorporating AI into their products. This lead to the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence in almost every field.

Come to smartphones, and Artificial Intelligence found a new way of interacting with a huge user base. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the field of mobile communication has led to the rapid development of smart and intelligent mobile apps. From simple notification based app to healthcare and fitness apps, logistic management to inventory systems, a whole lot of apps are being infused with Artificial Intelligence. There are apps nowadays that can manage your schedules, create a fitness ready eating chart, remind you when you are supposed to exercise and do some other stuff. In case you have less time on your hands, certain apps will also propose you with exercises in that short time span. Other apps may notify you when the stock of a particular item is about to finish and you need to replenish it. Such apps can also come up with an analysis chart that shows the quantity in hand for all items, and when they must be replenished.

If you have heard of Artificial Intelligence, you must have heard of Machine Learning as well. Machine Learning is a concept in which robot-like machines learn from past experiences i.e. almost human-like. In other words, it is machine learning due to which the users of Artificial Intelligence get better results. If a machine performed an action that did not yield the desired result, the machine would not perform the same action again.

With the combined efforts of the developers and the machines, using Big Data, Machine Learning, Reasoning, and Problem Solving, mobile app development can be enhanced to a great extent. All mobile apps collect data these days in one form or another. These days there are mobile app development companies in India, US, UK and elsewhere that are busy collecting data from a user’s mobile through their applications. The data is massive and present in almost any form – structured or unstructured. Such data, the BIG DATA, provides insights into the requirements of the users. This is essential as developers are able to build apps that are tailored to the needs of the users. Also Artificial Intelligence secures the user’s data so having AI-enabled apps on your phone is an advantage.

What to expect from AI-enabled Apps?

  • Secure Applications: When mobiles are being used with newer technologies, there is a lot of data at risk. Artificial Intelligence ensures that the data collected by the mobile apps remains in secure hands. Better the security, the bigger the user base for a specific app would be. As an example, AI-enabled apps can predict any threats to the user’s data by analyzing the way the user uses the mobile. Such an app could notify the user by sending a voice message or a notification to attract the attention of the user.
  • Personalization: Remember cookies. On a PC, cookies used to store information on the client’s machine which was used later on by some server to provide a personalized user experience. In mobile app today, cookies have been replaced by Artificial Intelligence. The AI-based apps store the user preferences by analyzing the past search histories and then providing results based on the analysis. If a user searches a lot for Dan Brown related books, and sometimes for Shakespeare, he is bound to come up with more Dan Brown results than Shakespeare in the next search. This can also change. If the user starts searching more for Shakespeare and less for Dan Brown, AI automatically shifts the preferences without having to specify it anywhere.
  • Searching beyond Text: Most of us have been searching for one thing or another with Google Text Search. Now with AI-enabled apps, users can talk to their search engines and get the results either in text or the machine replying in a set voice. One search app that all users must be familiar with is Amazon’s Alexa. Also, Siri from Apple does the same thing as Microsoft’s Cortana. All are enabled by Artificial Intelligence Besides search, you can also listen to stories, jokes, songs etc. On a serious note, the search engines can also deliver you the latest news whenever you demand.
  • Marketing: With latest technologies being applied to almost every field, Artificial Intelligence can help a lot when it comes to marketing. With the ability to analyze the user preferences according to the data acquired by the various apps, AI has the capability to compare the features and preferences of a user and accordingly provide the user with what he or she needs. This will help the developers grow their organization as they implement artificial intelligence in their apps.
  • New Opportunities for Application Development: With Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more popular and gaining the attention of the developers and the users both, it has widened the scope for mobile app development in India and abroad equally at a very rapid pace. Artificial Intelligence has changed the ways a developer thinks and develops his app. The same is true about the users as well when it comes to interacting with the apps. There is a lot of scopes these days for talented Artificial Intelligence-based mobile app developers. The competition is on the rise and will definitely lead to better app development and better features coming up in the near future.

Apps that Use Artificial Intelligence

  • Cortana: The Microsoft Assistant available in Windows 10 is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Once you have signed in as a Microsoft user, Cortana can handle almost any task from sending emails to search products or anything on the internet.
  • Hound: Much like the Google Voice Search, Hound can also be given commands through voice. Just say “Ok Hound” and you are ready to go. Hound allows you to perform various functions such as listening to music, setting multiple alarms, or knowing about the weather Hound proposes to bring more features to this AI-based app.
  • Aloo: Ok, you are feeling lazy, but want to get work done, Aloo is at your service. This AI and voice-enabled app from Google helps you perform multiple functions without having to type a single word. Interact with Google Aloo just be speaking into your mobile. Aloo also provides stickers that convey your move to the other person in the chat or Aloo.
  • Robin: Another personal assistant enabled with voice and Artificial Intelligence. You need not even look into your mobiles or even place a finger on it to order something from you. Just speak into it, and your order is obeyed.
  • Siftr Magic Cleaner: Now this is a bit different app. It cleans your phone from unwanted images using a machine learning algorithm. It allows two options – manually and automatic – to remove the junk from your mobile. It is available for both the iOS as well as Android phones.


To introduce new technology into our lives these days, the best way is by implementing it in mobile apps. AI has through the use of mobile apps now influenced a very big user base, be it Android, Windows, or iOS phones. There are a number of apps, more specifically the assistants that use AI. However, with AI and Machine Learning coupled together the best is yet to come. In the very near future, we might see developers, businesses, and users dependent totally on Artificial Intelligence to do their work.


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