hire Flutter App Developers in India

Why Startups Should Consider Flutter for Mobile Application Development?

Are you a start-up looking for the best platform for mobile app development. Or are you familiar with Flutter already but want to know why should you use it for mobile app development. Flutter has become an evolving and revolutionary framework for the growing businesses. Based on dart programming language, Flutter offer a strong framework and the best tools to create a great app. This feature-rich and robust mobile UI framework lets developers create Android and iOS apps using a single code. This makes it a viable framework for start-ups around the world.

hire Flutter App Developers in India

Top Reasons Why Startup Consider Flutter for Mobile Application Development

With the availability of popular frameworks and tools on the market like Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native, why should start-ups go with Flutter for Cross-platform app development? What is so amazing about Flutter. Will Flutter help start-ups reach their business objectives. Let us find out why start-ups should go for Flutter app development and hire Flutter app developers in India.

Increases the Productivity of the Developers by Manifold

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a startup, everyone is concerned about money. And when it comes to mobile application development, time is considered to be money. The more time an app development process will take, the more expensive it will be. However, startups can save both time and money by choosing flutter app development solutions. The framework is intended with a “Hot Reload” feature. This feature lets developers make changes instantly in the backend, hence eliminating the need of recompilation that gets the time required for app development by Manifold.

This is the most common selling point of Flutter that lets app developers see the changes effects in code. With the Hot Reload, developers are allowed to make real-time changes.

Supports Cross Platform Development

Flutter allows cross-platform application development that guarantees a wider reach and more chances of downloads, thus offering more users within a set budget. Cross-platform app development is well-liked by developers as it can offer a native experience with only one codebase both for Android and iOS. This in turn reduces the development costs to a large extends. With the “code once” approach of Flutter, start-ups can decrease their development efforts greatly and offer quicker time-to-market.

Integrated with Firebase

Most start-ups do not need DevOps or resources to deploy backend since Flutter comes integrated with Firebase. It offers real-time management service for database, solid cloud storage, authentication and hosting facilities, and more. Usually, startups need to make tools to make the development process smoother. However, Firebase has an exclusive collection of the most commonly used tools that can help automate the development process that makes development simpler. Firebase also offers a solid backend to work proficiently as it can make the infrastructure redundant, scalable, and serverless.

Guarantees Outstanding Design Experience

The partnership of flutter with material design has made an exclusive mechanism that promises powerful and strong user experiences. Furthermore, Flutter comes with unique iOS and Android power-packed widgets that provide a native kind of app experience. Flutter’s widget catalog offers a wide selection of the cross-platform tools that are not only leveraged for views but for the whole screen and the app as well. With the widget of Flutter, start-ups can make a crisp and smooth app without any hassles and leave the users with an outstanding mobile app experience.

Quick Development With Less Testing Needed

Mobile app development companies that use flutter can reuse the code of the app. This means that they just have to translate a code into a different programming language rather than writing from the beginning. This saves them time and efforts that they spend on writing different codes for different mobile apps.

When it comes to the app’s quality assurance, a single thorough QA is sufficient to test the functions, programs, and features of the app that is created with Flutter.

Perfect Option for MVP Development

If you are a start-up, you may be short on your budget. In this situation, Flutter can be your ultimate option. Using flutter, you can create a mobile application in real-time with no hassles with limited resources, time, and budget. Flutter comes with a variety of UI widgets, supports 2-dimensional GPU accelerated APIs, and Hot Reload feature. All these make UI-animations flawless and supper attractive.

Different Themes are Available for iOS and Android Apps

Flutter can really help you create various apps using only one code base. However, what will you do if you wish for diverse themes for diverse apps? You don’t have to worry with Flutter as it offers different themes for different apps to deliver outstanding user experience on diverse operating systems.

Keep the Entrepreneurship Spirit Alive

Entrepreneurship is mainly based on efficacy and initiation. Enhancing them with productivity is a big challenge that is faced by most start-ups. It’s witnessed that most start-ups fail down to balance the constant approach to maintain and growth, thus it affects the efficiency of start-ups. Flutter is a simple platform and it helps small businesses to be efficient and productive, thus making simpler for them to work out on better things.

Flutter Apps Future

A hot topic in the technology world is the Google’s Fuchsia platform. App developers will be happy to know that this platform is based on Flutter. It will rely on Flutter completely for its basic development coding and designs. The Fuchsia platform will become the center for IoT, which will be an important aspect in the business world. With the launch of Fuchsia, Flutter’s image in the market will go to a higher extent and Flutter will rule the mobile app development industry.

Wrap Up:

It is worth stating that the above-mentioned Flutter features make it an ideal choice for Start-ups and even entrepreneurs looking for a mobile app backed by outstanding design and having the ability to win over the needs of future clients. From low development cost to faster development speed, Flutter has everything that a start-up wants.

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