10 Things to Know About the .NET Framework

10 Things to Know About the .NET Framework

.Net is a software development platform developed by Microsoft and Windows applications. It consists of programming languages, developer tools, and libraries for building web applications and desktops.

The .Net framework was meant to create applications running on the Windows Platform. in the year 2002, the very first framework of .net was released. The version was known as .Net framework 1.0 or the first version. The Microsoft .Net framework has made a long journey since then, and the current version is .Net Framework 4.7.2.

There are various ASP .NET Development India few of them are:

  1. Fingent – 60% customer software development 30% ASP.NET
  2. Radixweb -60% customer software development 40% ASP.NET
  3. Simform-45% customer software development, 10% ASP. NET
  4. Net solutions-20% customer software development, 20% ASP.NET
  5. Capital numbers-10% customer software development, 15% ASP.NET
  6. Mind IT system -50% customer software development, 30% ASP.NET

ASP .NET Developers in India have a high demand or value in India and receive a high amount of salary compared to other programming jobs. Getting or having a certificate in this will provide you with a promising career. The language is famous worldwide, providing you with the chance to make your career grow even outside of your own country.

Things to Know About the .NET Framework

1. Dotnet is not just only for windows – Dotnet was used for windows as it is a product of Microsoft. It was updated in 2016, and from there, it can run on multiple platforms like Linux and Mac os( operating system); it can also be used for the Internet of Things and cloud application development.

.NET also provides a core runtime, libraries, and compiler, taking open source contributions that help improve the software framework.

2. Website tools – The primary tool in the dotnet is ASP.NET; it is used for building websites using CSS, javascript, and HTML. When the developers focus on the server end, it is unsuitable for front-end development. Developers can use any of the .NET languages( according to the project’s requirement) to write the ASP.NET web applications.

3. Open source– The command-line interface in the .NET framework is open source. The open source license enables or allows the contributors to participate in its development. The CLI is looked after or maintained by a standard organization, which can be modified according to the requirements of a specific product.

4. Extensive libraries – .NET offers an extensive collection of predefined libraries from simple to complex data structures. .NET is a systematic ecosystem for application development, quality assurance, migration, reengineering, and more. The framework supports many technologies, languages, and tools.

This provides the users with a wide range of things. It allows the developers to increase many functionalities specific to the needs and write codes into your development.

.NET also offers a dedicated library for database access, security, encryption, and much more.

5. Choice of large companies – Many big brands use Dotnet for application development. Companies like Dell, TCS, Epic System, and many more, it is considered one of the most reliable networks. The framework offers an easy learning curve, making it suitable for individuals at the start of their careers to have high-paid jobs in software development.

6. Performance and speed– The software has a technically robust framework that enhances its speed. If the rate is improved, this will automatically give a better output and enhance the overall performance of the software. Like java, it is just used in slower time compilation. The recent startups get much help from the overall speed and the development of the company.

7. Apps can be used from mobile to windows – .NET framework is a very standard programming framework that offers a wide range of guidelines and various types of functionalities which can be used to build an array of applications from the desktop, web to mobile-based apps. .NET can efficiently work with multiple programming languages such as C++, C#, F#, and VB.NET.

8. Security – One of the most important factors is security, as many of the essential codes would be saved in this software; a theft of those would cause a massive loss to the company. The .net is more secure compared to JAVA. It has a vulnerability of 27.2, whereas JAVA has about 30. The exposure depicts the number of bugs or errors present in the software.

9. Compatibility of the platform – The .Net framework provides a set of compiler components, libraries, and runtime tools that help/allow programmers or developers to develop applications that can run on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and a few more. The source code is available on GitHub. It will enable the developers to contribute to the development and allow them to leverage the benefits of the software development framework.

10. .Net and -C# -is an object-oriented programming language that allows programmers to write inside the .NET framework. It is one of the fundamental coding languages used to boost productivity and efficiency in the development procedure/process. C# provides programmers or developers with versioning, simple type declarations, garbage collection, scalability, type safety, and many more features that help to make the development process easy and faster at much-reduced costs.


It is a compelling platform or a very reliable platform to use, and people use it because of its compatibility, and it can be used not only in windows but also on Mac os, Linux, and many more. This provides it a more open range to grow its business. There are much fewer bugs and errors compared to the popular software known as java.

The performance and speed are also much higher than java, making dotnet an excellent and compatible platform for startup companies to work on as they need to grow up fast and develop themselves to prove themselves different from the rest of the companies.


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