Tap into the Trend_ Hire Dedicated Developers From India!

Tap into the Trend: Hire Dedicated Developers From India!


In the buzzword bingo world of app development, innovation is the name of the game — and with one crash of the bucket, user experience is supreme. In a competitive market, staying ahead has never been so important and the constant need for skilled, ugh, Hire Dedicated Developers India has never been so pressing. This is where India App Developer comes in. With over 750 apps developed and 10+ years of experience to boot,we are the go-to-guys in the journey to taking your ideas and making them a reality ruggedly outstanding app. But what causes hire Indian developers for 2024? Let’s take a closer look into the world of app development and uncover the reasons behind this new age of app development.

Why Hire Developers from India?

Dedicated Developers for Hire in India provides the benefit of accessing a large talent pool with various talents at a competitive price. However, potential challenges may include differences in time zones and quality assurance, among others. Let’s explore the benefits vs. the disadvantages of offshoring talent in India.

The Different Tech Hubs in India

India is a large country, and with a population of more than 1.40 billion people, you can expect some big metropolitan areas with expansive business districts. These areas are great for hiring software developers in India. This is where most of the IT industry is located as well for obvious reasons such as good internet connections and accessibility to talent. This is also where most businesses look to hire programmer in India teams. Let’s take a better look at the main cities in India and how they affect the IT industry as a whole:

1. Mumbai

  • Known by locals as the City of Dreams and being the home of the Bollywood industry, this city also houses some major IT players. Companies such as IBM, L&T Infotech, iGate, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Infosys and Polaris Software all have their headquarters in Mumbai and employ many website developer Mumbai professionals.
  • Internet speed in the city is excellent, and with the city being the business capital of India there are many opportunities for young developers. A web developer in Mumbai or software developer Mumbai can expect a monthly salary of around USD 850.00 per month. Specialist developers such as a full stack developer Mumbai or a Java developer Mumbai can expect to pay more.

2. Delhi

  • Delhi has excellent facilities for tech companies, which is why many leaders of the industry such as Google and Microsoft both have offices in the city. There’s great access to talent and with IT being one of the leading sectors in the city it is a great place for startups to establish themselves and grow into the stratosphere. Here, you can get access to specialists such as an app developer in Delhi or a full stack developer Delhi.
  • The city is also the capital of India so there are many businesses in the city relying on tech developments to further succeed in their day-to-day activities. The government has also identified the capital as one of the first to be transformed into a smart city status, so you can expect many more opportunities in the IT sector to develop as the city develops. A software developer Delhi can currently expect to earn USD 270 per month.

3. Bangalore

  • Known as the IT capital of India and often referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of India, this city houses more than 22% of the IT companies in India. From Software to web development companies, you can find it all here, and the city has been very successful in attracting startups as well. Companies like Amazon and IBM have headquarters here and employ a good number of local developers and other IT professionals.
  • A website developer in Bangalore salary is in the region of USD 1000.00 per month, which is a good salary in this region of India and can provide a comfortable life. Specialists such as a full stack developer Bangalore or an Android software developer Bangalore can expect to earn even more.

4. Hyderabad

  • Infosys is the second biggest tech company in India with an annual revenue of USD 12.4 billion in 2019 and is located in Hyderabad, which makes this city a great place to kickstart a developer’s career. The city has an abundance of opportunities for IT professionals with many more IT companies also calling it home.
  • A App developer Hyderabad or a website developer in Hyderabad earns around USD 900.00 per month, which is a good salary for any professional in this city. The living costs are reasonable and the facilities excellent. However, specialists such as a full stack developer Hyderabad or an ecommerce website developer Hyderabad can earn more.

5. Ahmedabad

  • With thirteen universities, this city is a great place for education and produces many highly-qualified App developer in Ahmedabad professionals who go on to build good careers in the local IT industry. The development enterprise in Ahmedabad has a tremendous impact on the local economy, potentially employing over 500 000 people. Notable businesses include Tata Consultancy Services, India App Developer, and iQlance Solutions, among others.
  • The city is undoubtedly a great place for any young web developer in Ahmedabad to build a career. A software developer in Ahmedabad can expect to earn on average USD 500.00 per month. There are also plenty of opportunities for front end developer internship in Ahmedabad.

Resilience during Economic Downturns:

  • As we’re facing an unstable global economy, the need for steady solutions during rough times is imperative. In a time where things are changing at warp speed, adopting new strategies is the difference between surviving and being successful.
  • We work a little differently — we offer Dedicated Developers for Hire that work solely on clients projects, the commitment is there and so is the transparency. Direct reporting and out-hustling an in-house team, As leader in app development, we offer a buffer of scaling up or down as business changes, without the burden of a full-time workforce.

Talent War and Competitive Market:

  • It’s never been tougher to attract and retain top talent in this excruciatingly competitive market. Smaller players — startups and SME’s — are having to deal with the constant struggle of contending with deep pockets of their larger adversaries. And as for offering competitive salaries and benefits? Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re a few, a proud few, that don’t have a ping-pong table and a free lunch every day. But on the battle front, Indian developers positioned well ahead of Chinese developers, who are known for committing source code theft and might antagonise your project clandestinely.
  • Hiring Indian developers for remote projects is a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Skilled developers from our  team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table so your app development projects are in good hands.

MNCs Find Opportunity:

  • India’s IT industry is one of the world’s fastest growing and has made the nation a top destination for multinational corporations in search of a deep talent pool. The country is home to the largest number of computer engineering graduates and will have the most software developers worldwide by 2024.
  • India App Developer has taken this expertise to offer innovative solutions tailored to our clients. Our team of Dedicate Indian Developers are skilled and poised to bring industry-specific expertise and insights to your project and deliver success.

India: A Leader in IT Outsourcing:

  • India has made an indelible mark as the global leader in IT outsourcing, offering around-the-clock service, niche technology, and custom solutions for industries as diverse as finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and banking. Simply put, Indian developers are at the Apex of digital innovation.
  • Our team taps into this to deliver high-quality app solutions that meet your requirements and then surpass your expectations. Our developers have complete mastery of an array of technologies and frameworks that make certain your app will stand out in a crowded market.

Pool of Talent and Proficiency:

  • Indian developers possess an array of proficiencies in a variety of technologies, frameworks, and programming languages. You can find experts in Python, JavaScript, C/C++, and PHP, plus they’re skilled in a vast list of other technologies and frameworks such as Android, iOS, Flutter, and React Native to ensure they’re ready for just about any app development project.
  • Today, app development is a key business strategy for companies looking to penetrate the market and expand their consumer base. Hiring a team of in-house developers can be prohibitively expensive, in which case business owners can benefit from hiring dedicated developers in India. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should consider hiring India App Developer’s team of dedicated developers for their app development projects.

Experience and Expertise:

  • Indian dedicated developers are rigorously trained and imbued with industry-specific knowledge and expertise. They bring years of experience to the table, along with a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, so you’re guaranteed that your app development projects are in good hands.


  • Hiring Indian developers can be much more cost-effective than hiring a team of in-house developers. We offer flexible engagement models, allowing businesses to hire developers on a monthly or hourly basis, depending on their specific project requirements and budget constraints.
  • We are transparent with our pricing policies and offer competitive pricing, so businesses can rest assured that they are getting value for their investment. Reports have found that businesses can save up to 40% by hiring Indian developers, making it an affordable option for companies of all sizes.

Comprehensive Services:

  • At India App Developer, we take pride in our strict hiring process, which ensures that only the best in the business are able to join our team. Our dedicated developers are nothing short of talented and forward-thinking and are committed to staying ahead of the curve. They are continuously sharpening their skills and adopting new techniques and emerging trends to ensure they provide clients with state-of-the-art app development solutions.
  • We are so confident in the quality of services we deliver to our clients that we even offer a one-week risk-free trial. This gives customers the opportunity to see exactly what hiring Indian developers can do for their business. We are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers and producing measurable results that drive their success.

Time Zone Advantage & Remote Work:

  • India’s flexible working hours and 24/7 availability make it the perfect place to look when it comes to hiring remote workers. Indian developers are well-versed in accommodating different time zones to guarantee projects are completed and delivered on time, while maintaining clear communication with clients.
  • We offer a one-week risk-free trial. This allows our clients to try out Indian developers and evaluate our services. Our developers are experienced, dedicated professionals who try to deliver clear, effective code on time and under budget. Collaborate with us for a smooth, trouble-free experience.

Growth of Development Sector in India

  • Driven by massive investment in talent re-skilling and another year of near 100% growth rate and unlimited revenue share, the development sector in India.
  • India App Developer is 100% positioned to capitalize on the growth of the development sector in India.
  • Stay ahead of the curve – gain a competitive advantage in your industry by leveraging Indian developers.

Demographic Advantage and English Proficiency

India, the destination of choice for businesses seeking skilled IT professionals.
  • With communication skills rating higher than technical skills, we ensure all developers are trained to have the ability to effectively communicate in English with clients worldwide.
  • Our teams are trained to ask the right questions to know your requirements, derive a solution that delivers results that meet your business objectives. It’s our job to exceed your expectations and deliver results that provide a measurable return.

India App Developer’s Top Service Models

At India App Developer, we offer three main service models tailored to meet your specific business needs. Whether you need to hire developer India teams, expert consultancy services, or reliable recruiting solutions, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of each service model:
  • Dedicated Development Teams: Our flagship service model revolves around providing you with a dedicated development team. Imagine having a team of skilled professionals, including Hire Android Developers and Hire iOS Developers, working exclusively for you, under your direct management. You get to choose the experts who fit your project’s requirements and culture. While you guide their work, we handle the nitty-gritty aspects like HR, accounting, and helpdesk support.
  • Consultancy Services: If you need specialized expertise on a part-time basis, our consultancy services are the answer. You manage the experts directly, ensuring their efforts align with your project’s needs. This includes the flexibility to Hire Flutter Developers or Hire React Native Developers as needed. Meanwhile, we manage HR, accounting, and helpdesk support, allowing you to maximize your time and resources. It’s like having a skilled consultant on your team, without the administrative hassles. With this model, you only pay for the time you use our experts’ service.
  • Recruiting Services: Our recruiting-as-a-service model takes the burden of talent acquisition off your shoulders. We have a successful track record of finding exceptional candidates locally in India and sourcing the best talents from Eastern Europe. We understand the complexities of markets like Japan, where our recruiting services have proven effective. With our recruiting expertise, which includes Dedicated Developers India, you can build a high-performing team without the hassle and stress of the hiring process.


To conclude, the wealth of advantages that come with engaging Indian developers for your mobile app development is undeniable. With India App Developer, you’re invited to embark on an enthralling journey through the world of app creation. Our forthcoming blogs will delve into the expertise, flair, and cost-effectiveness of Indian developers, essential for realizing your business goals across any industry sector. Whether you’re launching a startup, growing an SME, or overseeing a multinational corporation, the network at India App Developer is fully equipped to actualize your app ideas. Discover the art of app development with us, your trailblazing partner in innovative app solutions. Wondering how to hire Indian developers? Our platform simplifies the process, offering access to dedicated Indian developers committed to excellence in app development.

Krunal Vyas

Product Consultant, India App Developer, B.Eng., MBA, PMP®

I’m Krunal Vyas, IT consultant at India App Developer, is one of the leading Mobile App and Software Development Company India, I have helped more than 300+ clients to bring idea in to reality. I have attended many tech conferences as a company representative and frequently blogs about the search engine updates, technology roll-outs, sales & marketing tactics, etc.

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