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Best Flutter App Development Tools To Use in 2021

The use of Flutter has seen rapid growth and has been adopted by a large number of leading app development companies. Various apps have been made using Flutter already and many more are on their way. Its efficiency and leverage are being taken especially from the tools made for it only. All in all, Flutter app development tools play an important role. You can select Flutter app development tools according to your needs to build an app. All of them are promising to make coding simpler and faster for the Flutter app developers India team. So, below is a list of the most popular Flutter app development tools.

Flutter app developers India

Best Flutter App Development Tools To Use in 2021:


It is known as the best Flutter mobile app development tool. It is highly trusted by app developers. Panache lets you make custom material themes for the Flutter apps. This tool lets you customize colors, shapes, and other theme properties. It can be used for personalizing and downloading the themes to make some attractive materials and themes for the software. More than 40 million developers and testers use this tool presently. When everything is done, app developers can use Panache to review the codes as well.


This flutter tool supports the running of native apps in a browser. It is mainly useful for customer support, development, training, app demos, testing, and more. Presently, this tool is trusted by well-known names such as HomeAway, Telus, Shopify, and more. The tool is simple to use to upload the app through API or website. Steaming also becomes simple using the app. From customer support, training, testing, and automation to enterprise deployment, this tool is used for many major processes.

Adobe Plugins

The new plugin, Adobe, was declared recently. This plugin generates Dart code for the design parts and the code can then be directly placed to the app’s codebase. Moreover, with this plugin, you can use Flutter in a better way to create alluring and engaging apps.


Supernova lets you make UI designs for Flutter. Using Supernova, you can run the Flutter app simultaneously and changes will take place in real-time. Supernova offers you time by importing your Sketch file or Adobe XD. Make Flutter your export platform and get ready to change your UI designs into production-ready codes.


Codemagic is a highly efficient Flutter tool. It helps enhance your app-building process when the Flutter framework is used. Codemagic will help you examine and launch the app using Codemagic. You will not need a configuration to launch the app if you utilize Codemagic. This tool makes the launch process simpler and does it efficiently. You can also use its automation feature to test and build your product. Moreover, marketing can also be done without any complexity and issue.   

Test Magic

Though Test Magic is a tool, it works as a mobile app to test and deploy Android and iOS beta releases. This tool assists to download CI/CD creations on linked gadgets and even deploy them. You may collect feedback and screenshots and upload them for better mobile app functions. You can connect the Test Magic app with Codemagic, deal with provision profiles for the debug builds and add test gadgets.

Visual Studio Code

This tool is used by App developers India for debugging control, version control, running tasks, and web apps. This tool was created by Microsoft as a free code and open-source editor for Windows, macOS, and Linus. It features code refactoring, embedded GIT, syntax highlighting, smart code completion, snippets, and debugging support. This user-friendly and productive tool works well with C++ and Python.


Count.ly is an open-source research tool that focused on the protection and privacy of your results. Its free edition lets you track important metrics and KPIs that show how an app is working. It has a premium version as well with a wide collection of functionalities and metrics. This premium version includes additional flag functionality, A/B testing features, and push alerts.


RevenueCat is an in-app purchase and subscription management tool that offers support for iOS, Android, and Stripe. Using this tool, you can create and handle in-app purchases and subscriptions, handling the billing infrastructure and doing the heavy lifting. The tool can also help you find out how an app is working by evaluating MRR, churn, and more.

Android Studio

Many Flutter app development companies in india that use Flutter for creating apps use his tool. It is known as a highly productive IDE that helps you create effective apps. Android Studio offers syntax highlighting processes, code completion features, and widget editing support. Moreover, it lets you make and run apps on Android devices or emulators. So, you don’t need to download or install the Android Studio tool.


Square, an in-app payments handling platform, can handle every complexity that comes with the processing of payments. Its Flutter SDK lets you get in-app payments through a customizable user interface that offers help for online wallets and stored cards for quick checkout.


This tool lets you learn from where the users are coming from. You can also apply app installs to specific marketing campaigns using AppsFlyer. Using this tool, you can find out how your marketing channels and campaigns are working on applications and gadgets.


It is an efficient IDE for Flutter mobile app development. Screenshot assists you to capture screenshots. It also lets you upload them directly on a status bar. You can integrate the screenshots into the Flutter app. The integrated screenshots work transparently into Android and iOS platforms. 

Wrap Up:

The above-mentioned are a few of the most efficient Flutter app development tools to use in 2021. If you want to make an app using Flutter, you can contact – India App Developer, a Top mobile app development company in India, which is well-known as a  Flutter app development company in India as well.


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