How much will it Cost to Hire Android & iPhone App Developers in India

How Much Cost to Hire Android & iPhone App Developers in India?

It has been observed that in today’s times every business needs to go online to increase its productivity and brand visibility in the market. Since people are getting lazier with the latest solutions that are being provided by the best mobile app development companies in India. People are looking for their comfort in almost every sector to make their lives easy. As we are aware of the facts the apps play a major role in making our lives easy by helping us to perform various tasks just by sitting at home for which we need to spend a lot of our time and energy earlier.

If you come across an idea of developing an App for your business, The very first question that will hit your brain will be how much will it cost to hire Android & iPhone app developers in India?

The average cost of hiring Android & iOS developers in India maybe approx $15 – $40 per hour.

Here we will provide you will the list of factors that will clear all your doubts regarding the cost of hiring app developers in India and help you to move forward for expanding your business with the help of digital transformation.

Hire Android & iPhone App Developers in India

Size of App:

The cost to hire Android app developers in India is mainly dependent on the size of the app you want to get developed. It’s totally up to you that whether you want to develop the app on a small, medium, or large scale. When you have a proper decision about the scalability of the app then based on that mobile app development companies in India will discuss with you regarding the team-size they would require for executing your project. For each developer, they would be having a per hour cost that will decide the cost and budgeting of your project. The bigger the project will be, the more no. Developers will be required for it and the budget of the project will also get increased. On the other hand, for small and medium scale apps the team size may be small and the development cost will be lower.

Development Platform:

The foremost thing that will affect the cost to hire android & iPhone app developers in India depends on which platform you are thinking to develop an app. There are various development platforms for developing a mobile app like Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrid, and cross-platform. Based on your choice of the development platform, the cost of each platform will vary from the other one. You need to have a very clear vision about your idea and based on your budget you need to make a wise decision while selecting any of the platforms. If you want to develop a native app for any one of the platforms among Android and iOS then you need to hire the developers who are well versed with the knowledge of developing the app for that specific platforms. On the other hand, if you want to develop a native app for multiple platforms then it surely costs more as the timeline for the project will also get increased. Hybrid or class-platform will be the fabulous option for you to If you want to develop an app for multiple platforms because it will not cost more than that of a native App.


The design of the app is the foremost thing that creates a great impact on the minds of people about the app. Simpler and appealing the design is, more it is being loved by all the people across the world. But it totally depends on you what kind of design you want in the app. If you wish to have a simple design then it will not charge more as compared to that of the complex one. If you want to increase the complexity of the design then you will need to keep your pocket loose for that.


It is also one of the important factors that have a great impact on the costing structure when you are looking to hire the android and iPhone app developers in India. When it comes to mobile app development the total time that would be required for the complete development of the app thoroughly depends upon what kind of features and functionalities you want to incorporate in the application.

If you want a greater number of functionalities in the app then it will surely charge more. However, more the functionalities you want in the application, the development cost and time will also be get increased gradually.


It is a completely straightforward task to hire top app developers in India If you are having a clear vision about your project. Because once you are clear about your ideas, you will find it as a most simple task to hire the leading app development company in India that would transform your dream project into actuality.

All the factors mentioned above will surely help you in understanding that how much cost will it require to hire mobile app developers in India.


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