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How to Develop An App Like Doctor On Demand?

In this amid Pandemic where we cannot step-out from our houses due to the fear of COVID19, What will we do if we suffer from any illness and all the hospitals and the clinics are temporarily closed? But No need to worry about it, We are blessed to be born in the Era of technologies where everything is becoming digital. So the solution to this problem will also be a digital one.

doctor on demand

In Healthcare Industry, the whole scenario has been changed due to this pandemic situation, But the growing technology never fails to amaze us with its innovative solutions. With the help of the technology, we can develop an app where we can book appointments and demand online consultation from Doctors with zero contact that would be safe for both the Patients and Doctors. This will also result in the saving of the time. Healthcare industry and the clinics must adapt this solution to keep their work going.

But For that, we actually need to understand what is Doctor on Demand?

What is Doctor On Demand?

Doctor on Demand is basically a practice that examines the patient’s health online, provides the consultation to the patients remotely. Patients will not have to rush towards the hospital for consultation. It is easy for the healthcare sector to provide this ease for a consultation to the patients with the help of Doctor on-Demand application.

Due to the reasonable costing of this application, this has made its place in the healthcare industry. All Healthcare sectors and clinics are coming forward to use this application because of its cost and smooth operations.

This is the best time when technology can create its place again in the healthcare sector. With the help of this People need not worry about how they will visit the doctor in this pandemic situation. The main objective of this application is to provide health-related service to the patients remotely in the pandemic.

How to develop a Doctor on-demand App?

Following steps are required to develop an App Like Doctor on-demand:

  1. Analyze the Idea Properly:

In order to build an efficient healthcare application that can help both the doctors and patients, we need to analyze and explore our idea properly. We need to go through some case studies and try to figure out what the Healthcare sector, Doctors, Patients actually are looking in realtime.

  • Propose the idea to Developers:

To make the healthcare app development successful, Propose the idea of your app to the developers and explain them about your idea properly with each and every detail that you want in the application so that it becomes easy for them to understand the exact requirement. If we fail in doing that It might hamper us in the future leading to the impact on the development of the application.

  • Prepare features and Prototype:

We need to make a project brief and share it with the project manager and the business analyst.they will list out the features of the application and start creating the prototypes and mockups for the project.

  • Development phase:

Once the scope of the project is defined, divide the feature list into small user stories and start coding and testing it properly and check the bug fixing frequency.

  • Authorize the Application’s demonstration:

The development team will represent the application for demonstration purpose and If the demonstration gets authorized then the team uploads the application in the market place and start adding more advanced features.

  • Introduce App in the market:

After all the development and the testing phases, the final product will be available for demonstration with all the project related information, access to app stores, and Databases.

Finally, the Doctor’s on-demand app will be available for the users in the AppStore.

Features of the Doctor on Demand App:

The following users would have access to the application.

• Patients

• Doctor

• Admin Panel


  • They will have multiple sign-in options.
  • Can Browse Doctor’s Profile o Book an Appointment
  • Reschedule Appointment o Consultation(text/voice/Video call)
  • Online payment for consultation o Check ratings and review of the doctor
  • View their appointment history
  • Profile Management


  • Easy signup
  • Appointment Management
  • Profile Management
  • Provide consultation(Text/Voice/Video call)
  • Reminders for consultation


  • Users management
  • Appointment management
  • Doctor’s Profile Management
  • Patient’s management
  • Appointment history management
  • Ratings and review management

Benefits of Doctor on-Demand App:

1) Time-saving

2) Efficient Medical care

3) Availability of medical care during an emergency

4) Medical record storage

How To Hire Healthcare App Developers?

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