Types of On-demand Apps and its key features

Types of On-Demand Delivery Apps and its Key Features

On-demand delivery apps are one of the latest ongoing trends in the IT Sector. The demand for these apps is increasing gradually with time as people are looking for digital solutions in every field. People are finding it much easier as they are receiving every basic need of theirs delivered at the doorstep. These kinds of apps are not beneficial only for the customers but also for the vendors and business persons who want to grow their business by reaching out to a huge range of people.

On-Demand Delivery Apps
On-Demand Delivery Apps

What are the different types of on-demand Delivery Apps?

Enterprise to Person:

These are the types of apps that are being developed by an enterprise to supply and offer their services. They develop such apps so that the user can directly order a product or any item from their official apps rather than any third-party apps. These apps are developed by the enterprise who want to offer delivery services to their customers when they make any purchase from these types of apps.

Enterprise to Enterprise:

These are the types of apps which are developed to connect businesses. In such types of apps an enterprise trusts a various number of small enterprises and SMBs to run their business efficiently and seamlessly. For such apps, the service provider is not the end-users. These apps can provide service to one or many business sectors.

Consumer to Consumer:

These are the types of apps that connect one end-user with another. In such kinds of apps, one user creates exciting offers for the products which they are selling to other users over the app.

What are the examples of On-demand Delivery Apps?

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

On-demand food delivery app solutions are one of the most loved apps by people across the globe. This app allows people to order their favorite food from any of their favorite restaurants anytime and from anywhere and get it delivered at their doorstep. These apps allow the user to pay online for their order at the time of placing the order or pay on delivery.

On-Demand Grocery Apps

This kind of on-demand grocery app solution allows the users to buy any of their basic necessary items online that we use in our day-to-day life. Users can purchase all the grocery from the app and schedule a delivery time at which they want the things to be delivered. This app offers a secure online payment mechanism through which user can pay for their order

On-Demand Logistics and Transportation Apps

These logistics and transportation on-demand app delivery solutions help the users to get their parcel delivered from one place to another. This app is of much importance to users if they want to send any of the things to their near and dear ones who are far away from them.

On-Demand Home Services Apps

These kinds of on-demand apps help users to hire professionals for any household chores like cleaning, plumbing, electric issue, fixing and wellness and beauty. These apps allow users to call any of them and schedule their visit to the home for any of the tasks which they need to get fixed and done.

On-Demand Taxi Booking Services Apps

This type of on-demand taxi booking app solution allows users to book a ride with the help of the app just by entering the pickup and the destination location. This app helps the user to keep track of the driver’s location from the user’s location. This app allows users to interact with the driver to know their time of arrival. Customers and drivers both can give feedback to each other for behavior and service.

What are the key-features of on-demand Delivery Apps?

For the On-demand Delivery Apps, there are mainly three roles which include:

  • Customer
  • Driver
  • Admin

Let’s have a look at the features of each role individually:

  • Customer:
  • Registration

This feature allows any new user to get registered with the system using their email, phone number and any other social media accounts like Google, Facebook etc. All these details help the service providers to maintain a record of the users who are accessing their app. 

  • Order Placement:

This feature allows the user to place an order simply and easily just by going through the item details and selecting the item quantity.

  • Real-time tracking

This feature is one of the amazing features which is trending these days in all kind of on-demand delivery apps. This feature helps the user to keep a track of their order and provides them with a particular date and time at which they will receive their order.

  • Payment gateway integration

This feature allows users to make an online payment for their order on the spot while purchasing. This is one of the safest methods that every user can have faith in about their data. This method is secure and reliable in all aspects.

  • Feedback and ratings

This is one of the features using which users can give feedback once the order has been received by them. It helps service providers to know where they should improve on their services to win the trust of people completely.  

  • Push Notifications 

This feature allows users to receive notifications regarding the latest offers, deals and promotions.

  • Driver:
  • Registration

This feature allows the drivers to get registered with the system so that they can become part of the delivery group. They will need to get registered to the system using the username and password provided by the admin to start the work. 

  • Accept /Reject Request

This feature will allow the driver to accept or reject any delivery request from the admin side depending upon their location and time for the same. 

  • Availability Selection:

This feature will allow the driver to select their date and time of availability for which they are available for a particular week or month. 

  • Earning Tracker

This feature helps the driver to manage the history of the deliveries made they have done and keep a record of their earnings which are due for those deliveries.

  • Admin
  • Order Management

This feature will allow the admin to manage and view the list of all upcoming orders and have the privilege to accept or reject any order.

  • Customer Management

This feature will allow the admin to manage the list of all customers with their complete details about their orders and authorization.

  • Offer Management

This feature will allow the admin to add or remove any exciting offer from the system.

  • Manage Driver’s report

This feature will allow admin to keep a track of the driver’s report regarding how many orders they have delivered and how much amount needs to be paid to them.  

  • Manage payment modes

This feature will allow the admin to manage the payment modes in the system and can add or remove any new payment method from it. 

  • Support

This feature allows the admin to connect with users to solve any of their issues or problems.


The imploration for on-demand delivery apps is increasing at a very rapid rate and it is one of the best options if you want to grow your business exponentially.

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