Custom Software Development – Cost, Features and Security Measures

Custom Software Development – Cost, Features and Security Measures

In recent years, the software development sector has developed at a breakneck pace. Let’s see it’s different types of characteristics.

The way we spend our time is changing as a result of software development. Virtual environments have transformed corporate operations and opened up a slew of new options for businesses of all kinds, from start-ups to multinational corporations with global locations.

Due to its ability to provide previously unthinkable capabilities, this rapidly growing industry will continue to develop in breadth and complexity over time. Nevertheless, some company owners remain apprehensive about software development.

Today, in this post, I will discuss the cost, features, and security measures involved in software development.

I studied and compiled some of the most remarkable facts on software development to demonstrate the growth of software in the market and its impact on the world’s economy. 

What is the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)?

SDL is a software development approach that assists developers in comprehending security protocols, implementing best practices, and ensuring that their code complies with a minimum degree of security.

It has three basic advantages which are as follows:

  • A greater degree of security. Continuous vulnerability identification leads to improved software quality and reduced business risks at SDL.
  • Cost-cutting. Early defect discovery reduces the amount of time and effort required to find and remedy SDL issues.
  • Compliance with applicable regulations. SDL is a proponent of a reputable approach to security laws and regulations.

SDL Best Practices:

Before we examine how SDL concepts might be applied to software development, let us examine some typical development practices.

The waterfall process is sequential, with each step immediately preceding the previous one:

On the other hand, the agile technique is divided into several cycles, each with a similar set of stages:

Six phases comprise the program. The Lifecycle of an Agile Project

As noted earlier, the Agile software development life cycle is divided into six stages. Consider each of these Agile phases in further detail.


To begin, the product idea must be defined. This is where you specify the kind of structure you want to create and how it should function. There has been no progress because planning is everything. This phase’s objective is to establish expectations for your project, and it should begin as soon as possible.

At this stage, it is critical that all essential participants articulate what you are attempting to achieve. All stakeholders should be included, including customers, management, marketing or sales reps, and other important actors such as graphic designers and quality assurance (QA) specialists.


The product is produced in the second process, which begins with the creation of a blueprint, also known as an architectural document. This document contains a comprehensive inventory of the technologies and components that you propose to include into your project.

This will assist you in not just collecting feedback from all project participants, but also in identifying and resolving any possible difficulties. Numerous projects get stopped at this point due to the possibility of endless design disagreements.

The important point here is to get your team to agree early on a strategy for creating your product, so that everyone is on the same page.


The third step necessitates the creation of code that translates features into working software. There are numerous techniques for doing this, but it should be done incrementally to ensure that the client receives some advantage.

While developing the code, developers will uncover issues, which they might utilise to update or replace functionality during this phase. When the developers are completed, they may submit their code to the quality assurance team for testing.


The fourth step is comprehensive testing to ensure that your product functions correctly and satisfies client expectations. There are many types of tests that may be performed here, but the most common are unit, integration, and system testing.

Additionally, developers must ensure that their code runs automatically throughout this process to avoid the need for manual testing afterwards. This will offer them absolute information about the changes they made while working on certain features.


Maintenance is the fifth step, during which you resolve any issues detected during testing. This implies that you may continue to enhance the functionality of your components and modules after the product is delivered.

Ecommerce sites, for example, often add new features or update existing products throughout the year to enhance the customer experience and make it easier for customers to make purchases on their site.


The last phase of your product’s deployment is the sixth and final stage. This involves verifying that your product functions properly and that it is ready for client usage.

Typically, packing, publishing, and other preparatory activities are involved. While the Software Agile Life Cycle has several distinct stages, the important point to remember is that it is a repeating cycle.

This implies you should go through each step and continue until your product is produced and released effectively. After completing the six steps of the Software Agile Life Cycle, a team may significantly accelerate the development of any software product. This method is applicable not just to the construction of web applications, but also to the production of mobile applications and other complicated projects.

Top 5 Software Security Tips 

It is essential to begin the software development process by addressing application security. The Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) best practices ensure that security is addressed at every stage of the product’s lifecycle and that all stakeholders are aware of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Create a security policy for software development:

Ascertain that your outsourced software development company India and hired developers to comprehend the required nature of security. Consider developing a nimble strategy that integrates superior development practices in order to boost broad understanding.

Utilize a secure software development framework:

Through the establishment of a safe software development architecture, you may remove the bulk of security risks at a fraction of the expense of an ad hoc approach. SDLC frameworks use source code analysis and application fuzzing to comprehensively test web applications, mobile applications, IoT devices, and their backend services.

Hire dedicated Software Developers in your Team:

Assure that your team has testing expertise and is knowledgeable about the challenges of software development. When new products are developed, tested, and disseminated to the market, a dedicated team can ensure that security criteria are met.

Develop software that adheres to best practices in order to meet security requirements.

Utilizing current best practices while developing an application may help assure its safety. Reducing the attack surface via the elimination of unnecessary services is an esential aspect of designing secure software.

Each service or user is allowed granular rights.

Trending Software Development Ideas for 2023:

The Growing demand for Blockchain:

 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will become a reality. Due to the fact that these decentralized, open-source currencies were both safe and efficient, it was natural for individuals to utilize them in place of conventional fiat money when conducting online transactions. Numerous nations, on the other hand, have adopted laws prohibiting the usage of crypto-currency, leading criminals to develop other means of exchanging goods and services.

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) :

By 2021, the Internet of Things will have achieved the pinnacle of its capabilities. Almost everything, from virtual assistants to wearable gadgets, is connected to the internet. However, this results in a vast volume of data being generated each day. Self-learning algorithms enable more effective use of network resources and their application to business activities.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) :

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are gaining traction at a rapid pace, as users want access to their apps regardless of network or storage limits. As a result, PWAs are likely to surpass both native and cross-platform/web applications in terms of performance by 2023.

Internet of Things:

In 2023, World’s top businesses are likely to invest in the Internet of Things, generating a need for personnel skilled in designing and developing linked devices. As a result, IT developers will need to be knowledgeable about a wide array of IoT devices.

Software Market:

So, in your perspective, how large is the software development industry? Is the industry well-positioned for the future? As businesses prepare for post-pandemic effects in 2021, it is essential to grasp the global software sales and marketing environment. Consider the software development industry in the year 2021.

  • Worldwide, there were 26.4 million software engineers in 2019, and that number is expected to increase to 27.7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024.
  • In 2021, the market for systems integration, software, and Internet of Things hardware services will reach $520 billion.
  • The information technology industry has already begun to recover and will resume growth in 2021. By 2024, it is expected to have recovered to and beyond its pre-pandemic level, at a 5% CAGR.
  • After Covid-19, the e-Commerce industry will continue to thrive. According to Statista, companies will continue to follow suit. Additionally, the eCommerce industry is expected to grow to 22% of total revenue by 2023, up from 14.1% in 2019.

What Factors Decide the Cost of Software Development? 

The cost of software development depends on various factors. They are listed below:

  • Timeline of Development 

Costs increase with inclination in development timings. In general, the more time a software developer devotes to a project, the more work he or she is able to finish with perfection.

Another aspect that may contribute to the acceleration or prolongation of development timelines is familiarity with the program under development and any associated technology. If projects require customization, the total schedule and development expenses will be stretched.

  • Quality Assurance: 

The amount of time and effort required to create a final product is directly proportional to its quality. Simply said, when deadlines are pushed back and the cost of development is hindered, the quality of projects suffers. The more time and resources are  given to software development by you, the greater quality of that product will be.

  • Complex development:

Another significant factor affecting the cost and timeline of a project is its complexity. The number of various features implemented in a single piece of software or system is referred to in this context. This may result in more code, which indicates additional time.

When working on big, complicated projects, developers need to give importance to the whole system above individual components. As a result, smaller projects are often designed by software designers who are less experienced or well-rounded. Additionally, since several individuals worked on various aspects of the codebase, there is a greater risk of error and bugs.

  • Team Skills

The level of expertise of the software development team is needed in terms of cost and deadlines. Developers lacking expert skills, such as knowledge of certain coding languages or technologies, may incline project costs. External software developers  can also add to project expenses.

  • Software Designing: 

A system’s architecture, or how is it developed? Can also have an influence on development time and cost. Furthermore, if the software development is inefficient with coding techniques or is poorly planned, the project will take more time and can become expensive.

Furthermore, while designing software systems with thousands of lines of code, the effect of a single mistake can result in an enormous application effect. This is why, in order to get the greatest outcomes, you should always work with a reputable offshore development company like India app Developer.

  • Validation and Integration:

Because software development takes longer and costs more money, software testing services are done on a minute basis. This refers to looking at each functional component separately as well as how they fit together to form the final result. This step is necessary for avoiding the negative effects of bugs or other problems discovered after the product has been delivered.

  • Methodology, Instrumentation, and Procedures:

The tools and techniques used in software development may have a large impact on overall timelines and costs. In this environment, the technique through which a team generates a product is complicated. The availability or use of expertised third-party technologies may boost project expenses even higher.

  • Integrations with Third-Party Providers 

Software developers often connect to other systems, such as databases or pre-existing business applications. The installation and integration of different technologies may have an influence on the timeframe and expense of a project. In this context, a project team is completely aware of all third-party integrations that are necessary from the beginning. If this is not applied, there may be small project delays and expenditures.

Other Minor Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Simple Estimation

The simple formula on which the cost of development is calculated is

 Project Resource Cost x Project Time = Project Cost. On the basis of this formula cost is calculated by app developers India.

However, it is not quite that simple. The first consideration is which resources to use. How many developer hours (over a year) should we plan? 

  • A computed value

Let’s generate some basic cost estimates using the following data:

It’s worth noting that these figures do not reflect the true cost of software development.

A dedicated software developer India may make as much as $ 1000 per day.

Weekly salary of $10,000 for a team

The cost of a technical resource and team is impacted by a variety of variables, including location, work, and experience.

What are the Features of a Great Software? 

When it comes to software development, a variety of elements contribute to the eventual success or failure of a project. The following are the most needed features of software development. 

User – Friendly:

High-quality software is user-centric. Everything should be done to provide a straightforward user experience, from the logo design to the interface. This suggests that the examples and documentation for the product are simple to grasp.

The controls in the software must be correctly marked so that users can immediately understand what they do. They shouldn’t have to read a whole user manual to figure out what to do.


No matter how fantastic the application is, no one will use it if it takes an unreasonable amount of time to load or operate. A good piece of code accomplishes its purpose fast, and no action should take more than a few seconds to begin.

For instance, you may use video analysis tools to display the findings. The duration of material shown on screen has a big impact on how well your product separates itself from rivals.


The program should operate at peak performance and provide the desired outcomes. It should use little system resources and be compatible with a broad variety of operating systems. A well-written piece of software will not waste RAM or other system resources in favour of providing a better user experience.


Software should be developed with sufficient safeguards in place to guarantee that it continues to function properly even in the midst of a crisis. It should have sufficient features to prevent any unexpected failures or breakdowns, ensuring that our clients remain happy at all times.

A well-written piece of software is free of errors and bugs, which enables it to be utilized in the end. If your product is absolutely bug-free yet still fails to provide the anticipated outcomes, you’ve overlooked an important aspect of software development.


No matter how user-friendly, fast, efficient, or trustworthy your program is, if it lacks adequate security protections, no one will use it. You may be shocked at how many clients these days are worried about data security.

It might be anything from personal data to privatized official non-likable business data. Data must be secured in such a way that it is accessible only to permitted persons.

Features A big part of a program’s success is decided by its features. It will be difficult to market your software if it performs as intended but lacks unique features that set it apart from the competition in its category. People want something more than a piece of software that does a task.

They seek features that go beyond the capabilities of existing software components. You may have video analysis software but lack other features such as social media sharing or text-to-speech.


Your program must be adaptable to changing conditions. India app Developers are constantly anticipating what their clients want from their product in the future to ensure that they develop it properly and are prepared for any future improvements.

Assume you’ve developed video analysis software that performs flawlessly, but your service seekers subsequently express an interest in expanding their company and branching out into other sectors, such as face recognition. It would be amazing if your product featured such features.

To Wrap Up:

This concludes our discussion. I’m sure you’re aware of the costs associated with software development, functionality, and security measures. The software business is very competitive and has a significant impact on every other industry; it will continue to grow and diversify with each passing year. As a result, in order to keep ahead of the competition, you must use the appropriate techniques.

Additionally, you’ll want to work with a reputable offshore software development company to ensure that you get exceptional offshore development services while fulfilling your company goals. Do you have any Unsolved quarries? Then get in touch with excellent product consultants of India app developer for free Consultation.


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